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L’Oreal is the world’s leading cosmetics and beauty company with a portfolio of brands that addresses different cultures and various needs.
 -Created in 1909
-N°1 Cosmetics company worldwide
-25 Global Brands
-€17 billion sales in 2008
-560 million € in R&D investments (3% of turnover)
-67,500 employees
-4.7billion units manufactured annually
-500 patents registered each year
-150 products sold every second
The mission of 5 L'Oreal divisions (Professional Products, Consumer Products, Luxury Products, Active Cosmetics, Body Shop), to which they devote their expertise, is to offer the widest choice to every consumer and cover all beauty desires in each distribution channel and each region of the world.
Each division operates in a specific channel, in close relationship with distributors, and cultivates a particular aspect of beauty: the creativity of hairdressers, accessibility in the mass – market, luxury in selective distribution, and health in pharmacies.
L'Oreal Ukraine subsidiary was set up in 2004. Nowadays it operates within its 4 divisions (Professional Products, Consumer Products, Luxury Products, Active Cosmetics) and has a total headcount of 200 people.
The young graduates are the major recruitment target of the company that always creates an environment in which young people can excel. Career development, commitment, growth, entrepreneurial spirit and the constant setting of new goals are priorities at L'Oreal.
In January 2010 L'Oreal launches a new revolutionary game for high grade students  - REVEAL – that will help them to discover L’Oreal business &  our jobs and integrate the company…



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