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The Inside Knowledge is an autonomous firm of International Accountants and Lawyers.

We perform different types of Due Diligence for company’s seeking investment, acquisition or merger or sale:

* Legal due diligence, which will involve an assessment of the investment target’s legal rightsand obligations and any effect that the proposed investment transaction may have on those rights and obligations, including but not withstanding any local reports and agreements including the translations of these into English and checking and establishing the authenticity of any legal documents and contracts provided.

* Commercial/business due diligence, which will involve an assessment of the local marketing which the target operates and its competitors in that market, including any possible opportunities and risks attributable to the success of this project and the investment being sought, which will include local inspections of the resource of gas deposits.

* Financial due diligence, which aims to assess the financial risks and opportunities of the proposed investment including but not withstanding political risks including any local elements that could affect this investment transaction. An assessment and in depth review of the target’s accounts, management accounts, budgets, projections and forecasts, and whether the investment amount being sought can be attributed to the target’s growth and projections as proposed.

* Tax due diligence, which will assess the existence and extent of any tax liabilities and any disputes with local and international tax authorities, including but not withstanding a review of the local tax effects and that of projected profits moving forward, which will include a review of any tax warranties and the tax covenants that may be required.

* Actuarial due diligence, which will involve an assessment of the target investments employment liabilities including any pensions scheme liabilities.

* Technical due diligence, that will include a complete revision of all technical aspects of the project, including equipment reliability, product demand and detailed review of gas deposits. The team qualification, etc. and a local environmental due diligence, assessment which aims to assess any potential liabilities flowing from any environmental damage caused by the target’s business.

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