Onseo is a full-cycle development company. We have 32 years of experience and success stories of a wide range of IT-products behind. The software for telecom and education, cloud solutions, FinTech products, games, speech recognition technologies, and a multitude of other innovations helped hundreds of millions of people discover a brand new digital era.


We are: developers, digital artists, animators, game designers, musicians, QA engineers and DevOps

17 years on the global

Offices located in Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Social Platforms

Business Intelligence

Medical Solutions

Location Based Services

Deep learning algorithms for gaming media buying and multi-level data analysis features. Technology to predict the “opponents” behavior on a global scale and optimization of customers’ campaigns.

Easily scalable and customizable platform. Deep integration with social networks. Many common game features embedded into the platform. Allows focus on game creation vs common features.

Complete BI and Analytics package optimized to gain valuable insights from gaming data, increase revenue, improve retention and decrease churn.

Outside of gaming, we are involved in the development of a digital human organism, as well as in a project for the early diagnosis of psychological diseases.

The LBS market was valued at $ 11,994 million in 2017 and is expected to reach $61,897 million by 2022. Location-based systems are used in many business spheres including navigation, retail, healthcare, tourism, transportation, and social networking.

Reputation and Stability

The company takes care of its employees and ensures their stable work despite external crises (17 years on the global market)

Great working Environment

The work of each is valuable and noticeable to top management and colleagues

Market Competitive Salary

Salary regular review. Career planning and performance reviews

Challenging tasks and projects

Opportunity to influence the quality of the product.

Flexible working hours

Your work schedule is a matter of agreement within the project

Perks and social Guarantees

Courses and training’s, medical insurance, compensations, paid vacation

Always move forward, be the best in the market, always take care of the employees

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