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Bunge is a leading agribusiness and food company with integrated operations that circle the globe, stretching from the farm field to the retail shelf. The world is our market – six billion people and counting. Bunge's over 25,000 employees in over 30 countries are dedicated to improving the global agribusiness and food production chain by:

  • Manufacturing fertilizer and animal feed for farmers;

  • Originating oilseeds and grains from the world's primary growing regions and transporting them to customers worldwide;

  • Crushing oilseeds to make meal for the livestock industry and oil for the food processing, food service and biofuel industries;

  • Producing bottled oils, mayonnaise, margarines and other food products for consumers; and

  • Milling wheat and corn for food processors, bakeries, brewers and other commercial customers.


Bunge is a leader in the world's most important agricultural production regions and consumption markets.

  • One of the world's largest oilseed processors

  • One of the world's largest sellers of bottled vegetable oil to consumers and a leading supplier of premium edible oils to the u.s. Foodservice industry

  • The world's largest corn dry miller

  • The largest manufacturer and seller of fertilizer and a leading supplier of animal feed in brazil


Our Mission

Bunge's role in the world, our mission as a company, is to enhance lives by improving the global food and agribusiness production chain: to help farmers grow more crops, to transport and process those commodities efficiently and safely, and to create affordable, high-quality food products that people trust and enjoy. 

Our Goal

We are committed to fulfilling our mission by building the world's best food and agribusiness company.

Our Strategies

We have four clear strategies for achieving this goal:

  • Strengthen core businesses
    we will continue to invest to capture strong growth in agribusiness, fertilizer and food products.

  • Leverage existing positions to enter complementary value chains
    we will leverage our assets and expertise to expand into complementary value chains in which we can achieve competitive advantage.

  • Enhance efficiency and customer focus
    we will improve efficiency and customer focus to compete at the highest level.

  • Leverage our decentralized but integrated approach
    we will balance decentralization and integration – local action and a global perspective – to produce the best results.


Bunge’s operating model is based on integrated but decentralized operations and a strong culture built on shared values and a common purpose. Our approach enables us to interpret a global market with global vision; to meet opportunity where and when it arises with agility and responsiveness; and provide superior products and service to farmers, customers and consumers around the world. 

Maintaining integrated but decentralized operations means striking a balance between the efficiency of a global corporation and the speed of a local business, between the value of a world perspective and the insights and customer relationships born of local knowledge and experience.

That is why we emphasize our purpose – enhancing lives by improving the agribusiness and food production – and our values. Our purpose ensures we are aligned and moving in a common direction. Our values ensure the communication and trust necessary for a network of businesses to operate with latitude and individual initiative and leadership, while each contributing to the same goal.

Our approach is built upon a set of core values. Taken together, these values define an organization that believes in:

§         Making decisions at the local level, where understanding of the marketplace is greatest and efficiency easiest to achieve;

§         Improving service by building lasting relationships with customers in their own language and customs;

§         Motivating entrepreneurial employees toward common goals rather than directing them from the top down; and

§         Engendering a sense of commitment and openness.




  • Grain and oilseed origination

  • Oilseed processing

  • Edible oils


Ukraine is reemerging as one of the world’s true breadbaskets. In normal year, the country produces roughly 35 million tones of grain, of which it exports nearly 30%. It is also an attractive market for edible oil consumption.

Bunge operates a fully integrated crushing, refining and bottling plant and four grain elevators in Ukraine. Our plant produces Oleina (www.oleina.com) brand bottled refined sunflower oil for Ukrainian, Russian and CIS markets. We have 14 branches nationwide managing local distribution of Oleina and 10 branches managing procurement of sunseed and grains. And, along with our partner, we are in the process of building a new oil extraction plant in Illichevsk that is capable of processing sunseed, rapeseed or soybeans.


Quality of Oleina, the leader of the Ukrainian market of sunflower oil, has received not only a national recognition, but a wide acknowledgement of professionals as well. Among awards - a gold medal of national competition "Vysshaya Proba", a medal «The Best Trade Mark of Ukraine " and a victory in national competition of quality. One of the recent achievements is the "The Star of quality» for a victory in tasting contest of industry rating "The Best Manufacturer of the Year ".

Our market is the world – six billion people and counting. As populations increase and incomes rise, more people are eating better. Bunge is there to supply them with plentiful, healthy and great-tasting food made from the world’s most versatile and popular agricultural products.





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