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Стаж: 34 роки 2 місяці

Серпень 2004теперішній час
19 років 4 місяці
TCB International
Systemic consultant
The consultants at the TCB International work since more than 12 years in the systemic development of large and medium businesses at the owners/stakeholders and the top management level, to increase the efficiency and the value of the business. 
Листопад 2003Серпень 2004
9 місяців
Trading House Staryi Druzhe ( Kyiv, Ukraine)
Export Sales Manager
Staryi Druzhe (The Old Friend) is the manufacturer owned sales house for the range of Staryi Druzhe vodkas and Shake and Creamel low low alcohol cocktails.  I was preparing the company to actively enter the markets of the CIS, the Central/Eastern Europe, and the European Union,  and was negotiating a few bottling projects abroad, including the USA.
Лютий 1998Листопад 2002
4 роки 9 місяців
METEOR UKRAINE Ltd. (Kyiv, Ukraine ) (member company of the Meteor Group, London)
General Manager (Director)
After the company registration in March 1998, within 3 years I made it one of the three largest national suppliers of the automotive spare parts for Western cars. 
Червень 1994Березень 1998
3 роки 9 місяців
International "Renaissance" Foundation (subsidiary of the Soros Foundations, U.S.A.), Kyiv, Ukraine
Manager, Department for Organizational Support to Projects, before 09.1997 - Program Coordinator, International Soros Science Ed
Program Coordinator, International Soros Science Education Program (ISSEP) 
Серпень 1996Вересень 1997
1 рік 1 місяць
Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf Ltd. Vienna, Austria
Post Doctoral Fellow
Post-Doctoral Fellowship, supported by the L. Meitner grant from the Austrian Science Foundation. 
Травень 1988Червень 1994
6 років 1 місяць
Institute for Problems of Materials Science (Kyiv)
Junior Research Associate, earlier Full-Time Post-Graduate student (1988-1991)
Candidate of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics) in Solid State Physics, obtained from the Institute for Problems of Materials Science (Kyiv) in 1994. 

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