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Липень 2017теперішній час
6 років 5 місяців
Greenstone Management LLC
Managing the head quarter (shared services center) of the Ukrainian group of companies.
Supervise and controll the following areas:
- Security
- HR
- Payroll
- IT
- Treasury
- Accounting of shareholders' companies
- Administrative
Develop and manage projects of operational companies' efficiency improvement (operational, tax, other)
Cost management
Грудень 2016Серпень 2017
8 місяців
Ukrainian Agrarian Investments
Head of internal audit
Reported to the Audit Committee of the board of directors. 
- Performed general risk assesssment internviews
- Developed Code of conduct anad performed employees conflict of interests audit
- Redesigned sales policy 
- Developed domestic and offshore KYC policies
- Performed audits of grain silos
- Designed and supported changes to silo accounting system in order to detect and track manual changes into scales tickets
- Performed other tasks of the board
Березень 2015Грудень 2016
1 рік 9 місяців
Internal audit and internal controls business controller
My role is to establish effective internal controls framework and to create and develop internal audit function in a family owned Ukrainian business with 2013 turnover more than USD 1 billion:
i.	Internal controls:
-	Performed analyses of corporate and business structure, suggested business segments optimization
-	Performed analyses of group companies’ legal charters and corporate structure, identified discrepancies and leaded changes
-	Performed analyses of group’s trial balance to identify material entities, FS lines and processes
-	Performed primary analyses of existing processes, identified gaps and suggested remediation plan for key business segments and business processes
-	Performed detailed data analyses of truck transportation business and  segment in order to make emphasis on urgent need in controls
-	Performed redesign of org structure of companies of the group
-	Designed and implemented  order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, bidding processes, FSCP
ii.	Internal audit
-	Developed annual internal audit plan
-	Performed seeds procurement, fuel procurement and production plant audit
iii.	Other initiatives:
-	Initiated and leaded tender for 2014 financial audit
-	Initiated and leaded payment and contracting processes automation
Листопад 2011Березень 2015
3 роки 4 місяці
Business Controller (internal controls and audit)
Performed a variety of tasks for Ukrainian owned holding in internal audit, internal controls, compliance, FP&A, investment planning, fraud management and procurement areas for HQ and subsidiaries:
i.	Processes’ risk assessment, internal controls development and implementation.
ii.	Internal audit and fraud investigations:
-	Developing internal audit charter
-	Performing annual and semi-annual risk assessment 
-	Developing internal audit annual plan
-	Performing fraud investigation in procurement, CAPEX/construction and G&A areas
-	Planning and performing internal audits (construction, procurement, sales, cash management, inventory management, grain reception, travel and admin expenses, FSCP, IT change management and access rights, etc.)
-	Prepared audit reports for management and supervisory board
-	Performed investigations of whistle-blow messages
-	Prepared recommendation for remediation action plans
iii.	Periodic testing of effectiveness and efficiency of internal controls, including order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, record-to-report, SoD, compliance areas
iv.	Developing and implementing policies, procedures and processes
-	Budgeting and management reporting process in HQ and subsidiaries including budgeting model and forms
-	FSCP and month end process
-	Investment policy for Holding
-	Code of ethics, Whistle-Blow Policy, Hot Line
-	KYC and counterparty risk management procedures
-	Contract, procurement, payment policies
-	Cost control procedures (phone usage policy, travel policy, etc.)
-	Operational cost control process for stevedoring operations company (accounting, reporting and variances analyses for variable costs)
-	Remuneration policies for subsidiaries
-	IT access rights and change management
Березень 2008Грудень 2010
2 роки 9 місяців
BUNGE Ukraine
Senior Internal Auditor
Perform operational internal audits at all Company locations and enterprises.
- Agri purchases audit (Moscow, Russia; Kiev, Ukraine)
- Food sales audit (Ukraine; Romania; Russia)
- Production plant audit (Ukraine; Russia; USA)
- Production balance review (Ukraine)
- Industrial materials procerement audit (Switzerland; Ukraine)
- Supplier Selection and Assessment review (Russia)
- Financial Statement Closing Process efficiency review (Switzerland; Ukraine; Russia)
- Foreign exposure management (The Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary)
Develop and implement recurring Data Analitics methods for audit purposes
Coach junior staff
Perform project level risk assessment
Interview local and regional management for annual risk assessment purposes
Lead audit planning and fieldworks
Серпень 2007Березень 2008
7 місяців
Head of Risk Management Group
-	Adoption of ERM model
-	Business/ SOX/ Internal & External Fraud Risks assessment and mitigation
-	IT systems integration risks assessment
Жовтень 2005Серпень 2007
1 рік 10 місяців
Internal Audit And Risk Management Department, Expert
-	Internal control and audit procedures development
-	Payments controlling
-	SOX 404 implementation 
-	Business Continuity Plan / Disaster And recovery Plan development
-	Risk assessment and mitigation
-	Internal controls testing
-	Quality review after controls testing 
-	Participation in internal audit activities
-	Interaction with external auditors 
-	Participation in marketing and sales projects and activities concerning risks and controls
-	Fulfillment the duties of the head of department during his absence
Липень 2004Листопад 2005
1 рік 4 місяці
Fraud prevention expert
-	Customers’ complaints analysis and responding
-	Supervising implementation of internal procedures 
-	Development the procedures for fraud prevention
-	Data bases development and analysis
-	Development of the requirements specification 
-	Corresponding with dealers 
-	Reports analysis
-	Corresponding with software developers
Травень 2003Серпень 2004
1 рік 3 місяці
-	Business plan development
-	Development of technical and economic assessments
-	Bank credits registration
-	Preparing documents for obtaining tax preferences
-	Client-Bank system
-	Accounting software (1C)
-	Real-estate market research
Квітень 2004Червень 2004
2 місяці
EXPORTRADET (Swedish Trade Council), Kyiv
-	Metal wares market research
-	Forklifts market research

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