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Стаж: 28 років 8 місяців

Січень 2007теперішній час
16 років 11 місяців
IT Director
Planning and providint IT Dept., BizApps Dept. and Sentral services Dept. development to reach company strategic goals and targets. Cost reduce. Optimising agreements and relations with servise suppliers. Creating formal procedures and SLAs. Etc.

Miratech is an IT service and consulting corporation that delivers a unique blend of real-business experience with a strong engineering, international project delivery and value chain optimization expertise.
Company represented in all regions over Ukraine.
Березень 2006Березень 2007
1 рік
IT consulter
Consulting for small and medium companies regarding:
IT department and helpdesk structures and organisation; service management; backup management; network architecture; licensing; budgeting; network and data security.
Квітень 2002Травень 2006
4 роки 1 місяць
Handling all technical problems, including non IT hardware (power supply, cooling systems, etc.). Communicating with technical departments of BA clients (such as Nokia, SONY Online, Atari, BackBone). Implementing customer’s hardware, software and security requirements, discussing changes and improvements to customer’s procedures and requirements. Taking part in company strategic decision making.
Грудень 2001Червень 2002
6 місяців
System/network administrator, senior IT manager.
Implement, manage, and troubleshoot office local network.  Design and implement the infrastructure for business solutions based on  the Microsoft Windowsо 2000 platform.  Providing system and data backups.  Providing corporative, MS Exchange based, mail server  management and support.  Providing web server, IIS based, deployment and management.
Січень 1997Січень 2002
5 років
System/network administrator, senior IT manager.
Building and supporting for more then150 computer system network.  Tuning and supporting services for different operation systems (WinNT/2000 servers and workstations, Win98/95, Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS) Tuning and supporting Win2000 geographically distributed domain.  Managing Windows 2000 based services such as: Internet Information Server, MS SQL, Exchange server for organization, maintaining Active  Directory.   Configuration and management of Active Directory based domain (including migration from NT domain).  Building and management corporative Internet services based on Linux/FreeBSD operating systems, such as: WWW (Apache), FTP (ProFTPd),  mail (Sendmail), DB (MYSQL), firewalling, few different proxy services (Squid, Socks5, FWtk), antivirus software for  corporative  mail servers (KAV, RAV).  Scripting (bash, PHP, Perl).  IP tunneling/VPN based on Cisco routers and Linux systems.  Providing system support and consultations for employees.
Квітень 1995Квітень 1997
2 роки
System operator, junior system administrator.
Providing support and management for 100 computer systems solid Linux network in technical center of biggest Ukrainian paging service  provider.  Providing phone customers support.

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