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Стаж: 7 років 5 місяців

Листопад 2008Грудень 2009
1 рік 1 місяць
Projects: «Global ExpressPay»
Consulting of Projects
«Global ExpressPay» (payment system, Jordan):
- Technological adaptation and localization;
- Cooperation with Service Providers (Jordan) and hardware Suppliers (Jordan, Germany, Russia);
- Specialists’ coordination in Jordan and Ukraine;
«PayPort» Group of Companies (non-banking payment system):
- Description of Software – structure, functionality, processes;
- Audit of company activity – staff, reporting system;
- Organization the amalgamation with the same market players – presentations, concept, negotiations, reports, practical steps.
«Ukrainian Processing Center of Extraordinary Situations Monitoring»:
- Starting Company activity from “zero” – structure, processes, documentations;
- Relations with subdivisions of Ministry of extraordinary situations;
- System presentation – audience: up to 200 persons; status: top-managers of ministries and its departments;
- Getting specific approval documents (crypting systems, etc);
- Coordination with other market participants;
Липень 2005Грудень 2008
3 роки 5 місяців
Limited Liability Company “ND LTD” (Ukrainian hi-tech development company; the owner of processing centre and e-distribution)
Executive Director
- Raising business from the beginning;
- Responsible for all commercial and administrative aspects in the company;
- Forecasting and budgeting;
- Cash flow report, turn over reports including perspective forecasts;
- Establishing and uphold functionality of company and other administrative areas;
- Managing of non-trivial technological project;
- Attracting strategic partners for cooperation within the technology;
- Coordination with mobile operators and equipment manufactures;
- Working-out the legal techniques for demanded business-processes;
- Technology modernization target settings (hard and software);
- Elaboration the technology evolution;
- Brand development and ways of it advertising;
- Competitors analysis;
- Own distribution development (FMCG format);
- Business-processes formalization (IDEF0 Model);
- B2B projects implementations;
- Business development in Middle East.
Липень 2002Серпень 2005
3 роки 1 місяць
Mobicom (Later - Mobile Synergy Group, The Holding of Mobicom, Astel, Mobilochka; the biggest Ukrainian mobile communication market player)
Administrative and Sales Director / Manager of Business Unit “Dealers”
- Strategy and Tactics development;
- Elaboration of Business Unit structure and motivation schemes for the staff;
- Business Unit budgeting and administration;
- Business processes organization;
- KPI determination;
- PrePaid and PostPaid activity management;
- Billing System implementation, responsible for Dealers’ commission schemes.
- Development and executing the advertisement activity;
- Negotiations / daily working with mobile operators and dealers;
- Projects management;
- Presentations;
- Internal logistics;
- Dealing with State organizations.

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