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Стаж: 6 років 7 місяців

Березень 2003Квітень 2006
3 роки 1 місяць
CJSC Alba Ukraine, Laona Investments Limited UK
Finance Director.
The company  holds the leading position in pharmaceutical wholesale sector in Ukraine.  Laona is a holding company registered in UK with office in Cyprus, has status of resident  of Cyprus.  The main business of Laona is management of the investments in Alba, 60% of which belongs to Laona.  The Company attracted  in 2002 foreign investments, major portion of which was contributed by EBRD.

Main responsibilities:.  Release of consolidated financial statements in accordance to IFRS;.  Х Organization of financial analysis of the Group performance;  Х Cash management in the Group;  Х Tax planning and optimization schemes;  Х Organization of audit of the consolidated financial statements by the auditor from the `Big Four`;  Х Implementation of the financial and managerial accounting on the base of JDEdwards OneWorld IRP system, implementation of the corporate  reporting system on the base of OLAP technology;  Х Development and realization of the projects directed on enhancing the investments attractiveness of the business;  Х Government of the financial department, as well as accounting departments of the Group Companies.   The main achievements: Х From zero were developed and successfully implemented the methodology and technology of preparation of consolidated financial statements  in accordance to IFRS as well as managerial reports for the management of the Company.     Х The consolidated financial statements for 2002, 2003 and 2004 were confirmed by the auditor from the `Big FourТ.    Х Successfully implemented the accounting module of the JDEdwards OneWorld ERP-system.   Х Developed the brand new for the Company system of financial management based on a automated factorial plan-fact analysis of major  current assets and current liabilities as well as cost;  b automated cash payment management.    Х Practically from zero was created the Finance department (10 people), appropriated personnel was hired, job descriptions, financial  department regulation and motivation system were developed and implemented.
Жовтень 2002Березень 2003
5 місяців
LLC "Sigma Profi"
Finance Director.
Business of wholesale and retail trade of office equipment and different staff and consumable materials for office equipment..  Main responsibilities: Х Organizing of the financial planning, management and control in the group of companies by means of budgeting;  Х Organizing of the financial and managerial accounting in the group;  Х Financial analysis;  Х Tax optimization;  Х Governing the financial department (two accounting departments and two financial managers)   The main achievements: Х Developed and successfully implemented the system of financial planning and control on the base of budgeting.     1995.
Серпень 1995Жовтень 2002
7 років 2 місяці
KINTO Investments&Sequrities.
Expert of the Corporate Finance Department
Main responsibilities and activity during the last years: Х Providing consulting services to foreign companies regarding acquisitions of Ukrainian companies, incl. that in the process.  Unilever, Dutch-UK, - margarine;  Х Providing consulting services to Ukrainian companies regarding attracting foreign investments (Kiev-onLine, telecom), Monomakh (tea,  coffee), Vinnifruit (juice, beverages);   Х Providing consulting services to foreign government agency (assistance to Uzbekistan state property agency for sale of the two biggest  cement plants, in consortium with EPIC Investment company);   Х Seeking for targets for acquisition and venture investments for KINTO and foreign partners in food processing, building materials  etc;  Х The resent several months were dedicated to practical aspects of issuing and circulation of corporate bonds, particularly of taxation,  accounting, legal procedures, clientele etc, as well as analysis of current condition of the Ukrainian bond market.     2. The main experience and skills:  Х Preparing industry reviews, information memorandums, business plans, financial plans, research reports and other analytical materials  upon clientsТ request or internal needs (more than 20);  Х Practical corporate governance in four Ukrainian companies where KINTO owned control stakes (as member of Supervisory Board and  Auditing Committee in two of them);  Х Developing projects of organizational, financial and operational restructuring of three Ukrainian companies;  Х Strategic and financial analysis under seven consulting projects;  Х Developing financial models for companiesТ (businessesТ) valuation as well as investment expediency and efficiency analysis.       
Січень 1996Червень 1996
5 місяців
Ukrainian Radio Systems
Financial Adviser
Advised the company management with regard to financial issues of establishing the JV (mobile communications operator) with foreign  companies (US West and Motorola).
Грудень 1993Вересень 1995
1 рік 9 місяців
KINTO Investments&Securities
Manager of the Investment Department.
The main responsibility: Х strategic analysis of investment business in Ukraine for the purpose of strategy formulation for KINTO;  Х analysis of investment attractiveness of companies to be privatized.  
Травень 1993Грудень 1993
7 місяців
KINTO Investments & Securities
Securities trading

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