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Стаж: 23 роки 8 місяців

Грудень 2005теперішній час
18 років
Duvon Corporation, Inc. (Las Vegas, NV, USA) in Kiev, Ukraine
HR Manager and Office Manager
Main responsibilities:

	Organization of the recruiting process in Ukraine and China offices
	Formalizing recruitment, interview, testing and review procedures
	Establishing contacts with major IT and cybernetics faculties in Kiev
	Initiating participation in job fairs organized by various universities and Kyiv Post
	Recruiting IT specialists in Ukraine and China 
	Hiring top management in China
	Creating reference database for IT and management recruiting in Ukraine
	Negotiating salary and hiring 
	Drafting employment contracts
	Validating and filing days off
	Helping employees with private enterprise and bank registration
	Handling claims
	Managing raises based on performance 
	Terminating employment
	Purchasing office supplies and keeping inventory
	Buying new equipment and selling used equipment (computer parts, monitors, printers, etc.)
	Handling all cash transactions


1. Minimized the emolyee turnover to almost zero.
2. Raising employee satisfaction, morale and confidence.
3. Enlarging the expert staff in the Kiev office.
4. Building Ukrainian IT specialist database for the company.
5. Fully staffed a new developer office in Chengdu (Sichuan, China)
Липень 2004Січень 2006
1 рік 6 місяців
Herrenknecht Tunnelvortriebssysteme Ukraine (Schwanau, Germany) in Kiev, Ukraine
Interpreter/Translator and Assistant Accountant
Main responsibilities:

	Interpretation at negotiations, meetings
	Conducting presentations, exhibitions
	Economic, technical, legal document translations 
	Conversion of financial repots in accordance with IAS/IFRS 


1. Great feedback
Червень 2005Липень 2005
1 місяць
Avantgarde Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH (Munich, Germany) in Kiev, Ukraine
Assistant Project Manager
Project was dedicated to creating a massive celebration of TNK Oil Company's anniversary on the Ukrainian market.

Main responsibilities:
	Coordinating collaboration of seven companies
	Managing communications with local subcontractors
	Controlling execution of scheduled tasks and collaboration among teams
	Interpretation for German project manager


1. Completed all preparations in time for a successful show
2. Established connections to great project managers in Germany
Квітень 2002Липень 2004
2 роки 3 місяці
Georgetown Tobacco and Pipe, Inc. in Washington, DC, USA
Sales Manager
Main Responsibilities:

	Introducing new product offerings
	Hiring part-time staff
	Managing of the retail sales department staff
	Designing displays
	Daily accounting and depositing


	Creating a partner program with neighbouring businesses to boost sales by 15%
	Leading the top sales list; pay raise of 50% within three months
	Producing total customer satisfaction
Червень 2000Березень 2003
2 роки 9 місяців
Self-employed in Chicago, IL and Washington, DC, USA
Foreign language teacher/Translator
Main responsibilities:

	Development of individual teaching programmes
	Economic, technical, legal translations
	Client search


	Teaching stuednts a language from zero to the point where we could discuss philosophical writings
	Letting people see how beautiful and easy it is to learn a second language
Травень 2001Травень 2002
1 рік
Berlitz International, Inc. in Washington, DC, USA
Foreign language teacher
Main responsibilities:

	Teaching individual and group language courses in German and Russian


	Mastering the Berlitz teaching techniques
	Amazing feedback from students and great improvement in students' verbal abilities
Липень 2000Червень 2001
11 місяців
Vector Marketing, Inc. in Chicago, IL, USA
Main Responsibilities:
	Direct sales of Cutco, Inc. products
	Building personal customer base


	Participated in direct sales training
Листопад 1999Липень 2000
8 місяців
K.A.M. Isaiah Israel Congregation in Chicago, IL, USA
Office Manager
Main responsibilities:

	Organization of meetings and festivities
	Preparation of mailings, outgoing communication
	Development of a computerized archive system 
	Ordering Office supplies and keeping inventory 

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