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Стаж: 5 років 5 місяців

Січень 2000Жовтень 2002
2 роки 9 місяців
Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (KSOC), managed by Roger McMurrin, Kyiv, Ukraine
Director of Public Relations / Fund Raiser
Main duties: establishing and maintaining contacts with media, choosing media partners and media sponsors, creative writing (press-releases and news coverages of events, web content, programs, brochures etc.), finding channels for disseminating information, developing corporate style and corporate standards for writing, performing general marketing and mass-mailing tasks, generating financial support from corporate sponsors, helping with organizational/administrative side of productions: negotiating with theatres, finding personnel, drawing contracts, helping with scheduling productions and drawing budget.
Жовтень 1998Грудень 1999
1 рік 2 місяці
Project Consulting Group, Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine
Executive Assistant
Ensured efficient business cycle:
Supervised, scheduled and coordinated complex staff’s activities related to specific projects, supervised projects’ progress and helped accomplish those on time, worked with clients, prepared presentation upon project’s completion, worked as liaison between company’s management, office staff and company clients. Created and developed electronic databases, introduced the use of mailing/faxing software and other computer and network resources to ensure more efficient teamwork on projects, assisted system administrator in IT issues, worked as support and interpreter/translator for a Senior Partner on specific projects. Left after the company went out of business.
Липень 1998Листопад 1998
4 місяці
International Monetary Fund’s Banks Diagnostics Project, Kyiv, Ukraine
Interpreter / Translator
Assisted a team of international experts on a banks evaluation project as part of IMF loan preparation procedure.
Interpreted at interviews with local bankers and National Bank officials, assisted during site visits, helped choosing financial documentation for examination and evaluating it, compiled and translated the mission's report. Left after project termination.
Лютий 1998Серпень 1998
6 місяців
Inter TV Corporation, Kyiv, Ukraine
Personal Assistant / Aide to Chairman of the Board.
Acted as a go-between and a diplomatic envoy during the company's strategic transition period
Helped implementing new administrative procedures and corporate policies, took part in designing some of them, took part in general restructuring of the company (implementation of  strategic planning, personnel management etc.), supervised work of the consulting branch of the company and presented new approaches to the Board and the staff, took some part in designing corporate policy, helped at meetings of the Board of Directors and business meetings, coordinated administrative paperwork. Left after the end of transition period.
Вересень 1997Лютий 1998
5 місяців
Burns and Roe Enterprises, Inc. (USAID Energy Efficiency Project), Kyiv, Ukraine
Translator / Interpreter / PA
Worked as interpreter/translator/PA for American technical consultants.
Besides translator’s tasks, helped organize the project’s initial stage: scheduled and organized research trips to Western Ukraine, gathered information on the region’s enterprises, interacted with municipal officials and enterprises’ management in order to determine future partners, helped in selecting the most promising enterprises for future cooperation and organized energy audits. Helped organize and translated at seminars for local specialists, interpreted at business meetings, translated and compiled energy audit reports. Left after project’s suspension due to lack of management.
Березень 1997Серпень 1997
5 місяців
Chemonics International (USAID Project), Russia
Translator / Interpreter
Worked with US short term technical assistants
Performed written translation (work plans, business plans, documents on finance, engineering, accounting, management, social services and agribusiness, computer models in Excel), scheduled seminars, translated at seminars, assisted with business meetings and business trips. Left with the project termination.

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