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Червень 2005теперішній час
18 років 6 місяців
Alles Business Auto, Ltd
Client Executive
Main responsibilities:
- supervision of work with ukrainian and foreign clients in order to  
  provide the highest quality of services proposed by company according 
  to customer’s preferences and in order to preserve client’s belief to 
  the company;
- making of cost estimates for transportation services, supervision of 
  execution of orders and payment settlement;
- consulting customers on different questions arising from time to time;
- working on requests;
- correspondance, translation of documents (letters, reports, 
- working with mini-automatic office;
- preparation of monthly and maintaining of daily schedules of drivers’ 
  work shifts;
- supervision of sub-contractorts’ work, negotiating of prices and 
  terms of their work;
- supervision of 20 drivers on issues of work discipline, proper 
  customer service, proper paperwork filling.
Серпень 2004Червень 2005
10 місяців
Arena-Center, Ltd
Main responsibilities:
- consulting guests on entertainment programme of the center;
- reservation of tickets, places etc.;
- consulting clients on different questions;
- supervision of waiters’ work.

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