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Листопад 2004теперішній час
19 років 4 місяці
BeLight Software
Sales and Marketing manager
As the company position itself as Macintosh developer only, the market for our products is largely US, slight portion of Macintosh buyers located in Western Europe. I deal with online sales and responsible for US retail relations. Establishing new contacts, preparing marketing materials, negotiations and business correspondence is my everyday routine. Major achievement of the company since I joined was product placement on shelves of some well known US Macintosh resellers, such as Fry's Outpost, Microcenter and J&R. Currently we are working on adding our software to Apple Stores.
Грудень 2003Січень 2005
1 рік 1 місяць
State Administration of Ukrainian Railway Transport
Marketing and Logistic department
In USCTS “Liski” I performed different tasks. Main responsibility was market research, working close with law department I was involved in preparation of international contracts; I was responsible for English part of contracts. I often took part in business negotiations with foreign partners. I also traveled to different national and international transport exhibitions, where me and other colleagues represented the company and searched for new partners.
Липень 2002Липень 2003
1 рік
SPAR - Bristol
Assistant Manager
Working as an Assistant Manager I learned to manage small groups of staff. As well as dealing with the customers queries, I experienced work under time pressure and deal with several tasks at once. Paperwork that I dealt with was not difficult, as it seemed to me at first. I find management role very interesting.

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