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Стаж: 26 років 1 місяць

Липень 2005теперішній час
18 років 5 місяців
TBI Leasing
The key role of the position was to start and manage the leasing company in Ukraine, which was sucessfully realized. The launch of the project included the registration process of the company, staff selection, preparation of all the neccessary internal procedures (credit, operations, sales, reposession etc.), office selection, management reporting and others.
Червень 2003Серпень 2005
2 роки 2 місяці
Industrial Group "KMT"
Head of Project Finance Department
My major responsibility is to develop and maintain relationship with the banks, which includes negotiations concerning credits together with the follow-up on the credit agreements. Besides, I am involved in the planning and budgeting processes in the company, which means timely plannning and execution of the credit agreements and efficient finance management. During the period of the occupation I have attracted and executed more than 4 credit facilities with the commulutive value of more than $50 mln., and was awarded “Best worker of the year 2004 KMT award”. 
Жовтень 2000Червень 2003
2 роки 8 місяців
Local Reparesentative
The activity in ICOC is connected with organizational activities, which included public speeches, organization of different activities, financial planning and budgeting, human recourses management.
Серпень 1999Листопад 2000
1 рік 3 місяці
Credit Lyonnais Ukraine
Corporate Account Officer
My major responsibility in the bank was overseeing corporate accounts. In addition I was responsible for all the account transactions with my clients. Other my responsibility was to promote banking activities with the purpose of attraction new clients. Finally, I was also in charge of the financial analysis of the credit transactions and my responsibility was to compile resume (including verbal and financial parts) based on which the credit committee would make the decision upon the credit transaction.
Листопад 1997Серпень 2000
2 роки 9 місяців
Wester NIS Enterprise Fund
Major activity in the company was investment monitoring. This involved close monitoring of the portfolio company’s operations and thorough analysis (financial and operational) of their activities. The position also required application of capital budgeting, budgeting, strategy development, project management skills, valuation and financial modeling skills. I was involved in the construction of the fourth private elevator in Ukraine. During the years with the firm was involved in the new business development activities (business plans expertise, deal structures and business valuations).

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