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Стаж: 22 роки 2 місяці

Грудень 2008теперішній час
15 років 3 місяці
Вересень 2005Грудень 2008
3 роки 3 місяці
Asset group Senior Specialist
-	Sites net developing (potential plot\realty evaluation); 
-	analyzing Site shop sales (making weekly\monthly marketing reports);
-	taking part in project implementation of first BP Site in Ukraine; 
-	keeping Rent agreements for Site premises and controlling the payments from lessees on time, working with 1-C (accounting program); 
-	controlling internal payments for Site using public utilities, 
-	keeping company Power of Attorney database.
Business support  (analyzing and searching suppliers, holding tenders, conducting negotiations, organizing business trips for high level managers, visa support). 
Листопад 2004Вересень 2005
10 місяців
Assistant of RSD CE&NO
-	assist in organizing the work of RSD CE&NO (which consists of product net developing); 
-	sales and marketing reports
-	prepare memos, daily accounts (business expense report, business trip request & others accounting documentation) 
-	arrange travels; 
-	maintain proper documentation and files; 
-	assist during the meetings as a translator.
Квітень 2003Грудень 2004
1 рік 8 місяців
PA/Legal adviser
-	General manager assisting 
-	staff recruiting; 
-	organizing participation in a specialized conferences/business-trips around the world (correspondence with organizer, current issue negotiation), 
-	solving internal company question (intellectual property rights registration, processing contracts).
Січень 2002Квітень 2003
1 рік 3 місяці
Paralegal (part time)
--	processing of documents; 
-	contract making; 
-	official registration of business enterprises (making all package of documents: protocol, founding documentation etc.); 
-	registration of rights to real estate; 
-	taking part in court disputes on labor and civil cases.

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