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Стаж: 28 років 4 місяці

Лютий 2011теперішній час
13 років 1 місяць
Microsoft Ukraine
Engagement Manager
Consulting Contract Management, Project Management, Resource Management, 
Operational consulting, trainings, IT processes implementation

Results of my routine become valuable assets of our customers - major Ukrainian and International companies. Such results could be recognized in a form of successfully delivered solutions by international teams efficiently built from Architects, Consultants, as well as Subcontractors, and delivered with reasonable costs.
Грудень 2007Квітень 2011
3 роки 4 місяці
Technical Account Manager
Premier Support Contract Management: 
Operational Consulting, trainings, IT processes implementation

My primary responsibilities were direct work with CIOs and IT managers as a trusted advisor. We were working on strategic development of IT departments, preparing roadmaps for technology and processes improvement, that after implementation should redistribute IT budget, and allow to invest IT in development rather then in support.
Червень 2006Лютий 2008
1 рік 8 місяців
IT manager
as people manager responsible in following areas: telecom, system administration and support, user support, procurement in IT

implemented IT management processes: Service Desk, Incident Management, Change Management, Configuration Managemenht, Service Level Management 

strategic planning and development of IT infrastructure
Червень 2005Серпень 2006
1 рік 2 місяці
Славутич, Carlsberg Group
IT Operations manager
Січень 2005Серпень 2005
7 місяців
Славутич, Carlsberg Group
Sr. System administrator
Січень 2004Березень 2005
1 рік 2 місяці
Славутич, Carlsberg Group
System Administrator
Лютий 2001Березень 2004
3 роки 1 місяць
Telenedelya, Kyiv
System Administrator
Листопад 1995Березень 2001
5 років 4 місяці
NGO, Compass club
Technical Manager

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