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Стаж: 18 років 6 місяців

Червень 2017теперішній час
6 років 6 місяців
Head of HR&Admin
 Managing full scope of HR & Admin processes on country level
 Managing of HR & Admin team
 Country Mgmt Team member
 Participation in development of HR practices on Hub level (CIS)
 Cooperation with global HR team in order to develop, test and adopt to the Hub needs corporate level HR processes and tools 

Audited and corrected grading and remuneration systems. Developed and implemented employees engagement project that leaded to:
1. Staff attrition reduced from 25% in 2017 to 9% in 2019
2. Employees engagement kept on a good level in 2018 (75% vs same in 2016 in "business as usual mode") despite hubing, company restructuring and staff reductions
Жовтень 2016Липень 2017
9 місяців
Yuria-Pharm Corporation
HR Manager
Full scope of HR support to selected functions (Strategic Marketing, Finance&Legal)
Березень 2014Листопад 2016
2 роки 8 місяців
Head of HR & Admin department
	HR processes development and roll out
	Responsible for the budget and KPIs of HR & Admin dept 
	HR & Admin teams management (8 subordinates)

Mass recruitment process structured 
Education process structured for the CC
Internal coms process set up (management strategy meetings, all hands business ojectives & achievements sharing sessions)
HR & Admin budget reduced by 20% in 2015 and in 2014 by 25%
Employees engagement survey launched
Вересень 2011Лютий 2014
2 роки 5 місяців
Amadeus IT Group CA
HR Manager (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan)
 Participation in the development and roll out of the HR processes (learning & development, talent & performance management) for the Eastern Europe subregion 
  Full scope of HR support to the countires under direct responsibility
  People management (1 subordinate)

HR processes created from scratch in the Kiev Development Center UA (comp&ben, performance management, motivation, etc)
Recruitment processes set up in UA and RU (position closure length decreased to 1-1,5 month)

Травень 2005Жовтень 2011
6 років 5 місяців
Nokia Siemens Networks Ukraine LLC (NSN)
HR Consultant/Country HR
Country HR, Ukraine 

Internal and external communications
HR policies and processes creation and implementation
Overall coordination of the corporate people processes/ practices on country level
Management of HR department  (4 people);
Country HR for Azerbaijan (May 2008 – Nov 2008)
 Harmonization of the comp&ben set up with the corporate and local market practices
 Set up of the main corporate HR processes
 Staff and management education 

HR Consultant for Ukraine&Belarus (Apr 2007-Apr 2008) 
NSN Belarus office launch
Job levelling
Comp&Ben set up aligned with corporate and market practices
Main corporate HR processes implementation
Local staff & management education and support

HR Consultant at Nokia (Dec 2005 - Mar 2007)

HR Specialist at Nokia (June 2005 - Dec 2005)

2007 successful integration of HR processes after Nokia-Siemens merge
2007 launch on NSN office in Belarus
2008 smooth implementation of main corporate HR processes in Azerbaijan
2009 increase of employees engagement in the organization under responsibility up to 10%
2010  implementation of Campus recruitment project for Central Asia
2010 launch of leadership development campain 
2010 smooth completion of SBU restructuring project
2010 OPEX reduction by about 25% in Ukraine

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