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Стаж: 18 років 4 місяці

Травень 2014Вересень 2014
4 місяці
Sales assistant/consultant
verification to needs for clients to new sales markets.
Show new opportunity for customers on the way to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.
Лютий 2013Червень 2013
4 місяці
Investment consultant
investment advice 
training to exchange terminal
human resources
Search of investors and new clients
Травень 2011Грудень 2012
1 рік 7 місяців
Business Development Manager ( central region)
Product development and service
Search of new clients
Квітень 2011Вересень 2011
5 місяців
Mitridat Odessa
Regional manager Kiev office
Creation of office
Search of new clients.
Травень 2009Травень 2011
2 роки
DPD Ukraine
Head of Sales department
Personnel management (9 persons) 
Planning of budget and sales
Control and performance of tasks
Budget planning and the sales plans.
Analysis of market segments
Identification of the priority lines and groups in sales
-	reached the top of sales services in the month.

Field sales executive

Search of new clients. Increase of sales. 
A writing of the reporting.
Conclusion of contracts.
- I became the best new manager
- The best in 1-st term of 2010 at the biggest new brought client
Лютий 2009Червень 2009
4 місяці
Field Sales Manager
Search of new clients. Increase of sales. 
A writing of the reporting.
Січень 2007Квітень 2009
2 роки 3 місяці
DHL Ukraine
Field sales executive (Odessa, Kherson, Nikolayev, Izmail)
Development and servicing of customers.
Search of new clients. Increase of sales. 
A writing of the reporting.
- I became the prize-winner of a cycle of sales Domestic
Грудень 2005Березень 2007
1 рік 3 місяці
Private businessman «SPD Chaykovskiy»
Private businessman
Transport services
Травень 2000Лютий 2006
5 років 9 місяців
Golden Telecom Ltd
Indirect Sales Specialist
-Expansion and development dealer and distributor systems;
Negotiation, conclusion of contracts, planning of sales quantity, increase of sales result and their quality, sale of communication service for popular market (under famous brandy: trade mark of cellular network “UNI”, trade mark IP- telephony “ALLO”, trade mark of dial- up internet “Svitonline”, “Smailik”.
-Holding trainings for commercial representatives and shop-assistants, directing of internal accounts and documents, commercial support of trade putlets, design of promotional materials, planning of quantity promotional materials: leaflets, tariff plans
-During the work on this direction there was attracted some thousands of new users (vehicular communication); 
sales result increased in 1.5 t. in comparison with 2004 year (IP- telephony); 
two new trade marks were granted to the market (dial-up internet).
Липень 1998Липень 2000
2 роки
McDonalds Ukraine Ltd
Staff trainer
Training and control of staff (16-20 people)
Taking part in opening new restaurants in Ukraine in the part of Support Team.
Train more than 20 people.
Gets skills in management in critical and stressful situations.
Several times became the best restaurant worker.
Травень 1997Вересень 1998
1 рік 4 місяці
Odessa Linoleum Manufacturing Plant
Technical / computer specialist
Computers service
Квітень 1995Лютий 1998
2 роки 10 місяців
64 Communications Center of the South Headquarters, Department of Defense Ukraine
Electrician / Service engineer
Telegraph and data transfer equipment service

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