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Стаж: 22 роки 7 місяців

Жовтень 2007теперішній час
16 років 5 місяців
Consulting and legal advice
Counsel and legal adviser
Legal advice and follow-up of the companies' activity in the sphere of agreement relations, claims, disputes before court etc.
Working with contracts and agreements, including foreign economic;
Building of the corporate structure of the companies, protection of the company's corporate rights;
Disputes solving concerning buying/selling the enterprises of all legal forms, creation and liquidation;
Reorganization of companies, mergers and acquisitions;
Preparing the corpotare documents (provisions, regulations, prospects), shareholders agreements, protocols, contacts with the executive bodies of the company etc.;
Cooperation with state bodies, registrators, financial entities;
Information and business consulting, building the business solutions;
Work with foreign legislation, international law etc.
Червень 2006Вересень 2007
1 рік 3 місяці
KYIVSTAR the leading mobile operator in Ukraine
Legal support to commercial activity of the company, 

Communications with regulatory, tax, justice authorities, courts, other state bodies and local administrations including foreign, on regulatory issues,

Cooperation with the state bodies in the field of telecommunications (Ministry of Transport and Communications, State Department of Communications and Informatization, National Communications Regulatory Commission, Antimonopoly Committee, State Committee of Statistics, the Government, the Parliament, the President’s Secretary etc.),

Cooperation with the state bodies in the field of licensing (National Communications Regulatory Commission, State Department for Patents),

Cooperation with the state bodies and local administrations on tax and fiscal issues,

Cooperation and working with the state bodies in the field of economic competition rules and antimonopoly law (Antimonopoly Committee, NGOs, Council of Employers etc.),

Cooperation and working with the state bodies in the field of protection of consumer’s rights (State Departmet of Protection of Consumer’s Rights, local administrations etc.),

Cooperation with the state bodies and local administrations in the field of building and maintenance of the telecommunication networks (Fund of State Property etc), 

Cooperation with the state bodies and local administrations bodies in the field of obtaining the licensing documents and permissions for the commercial activity of the company,

Day-by-day monitoring of the national and foreign legislation including the regulatory issues, EU directives, ITU Recommendations, other IT and telecom legislation, working with the legal databases, 

Correspondence and negotiations on regulatory matters, 

Consulting the colleagues and other departments of the company on regulatory issues and changes in the legislation, 

Development of the company documents on regulatory issues, 

Development and approval of the corporate documents of the company, 

Development and legal support to the external documents of the company including the regulatory issues, 

Working with the contracts and agreements, external and internal clients, claims, 

Working with the regional departments and directions of the company, 

Working with the investors, informing about the changes in the national legislation, 

Communications with GSM Association, American Chamber of Commerce, European Business Association, 

Coordination work with other departments of the company
Листопад 2005Травень 2006
6 місяців
SuperWeb, national IT provider
Senior Legal Advisor
all legal support to the company,
 IT projects, civil and IT legislation, 
agreements and contracts, 
matters of licensing, 
working with claims, clients etc;
Серпень 2004Грудень 2005
1 рік 4 місяці
Ministry of Transport and Communications
Chief Expert
matters of the state regulation concerning international cooperation and foreign-economic activity in the field of transport (aviation, maritime and river, railway and road transport) and communications & informatization;

development and implementation of the international agreements in the field of transport and communications, analysis of their use and development of proposals on making changes;

preparing the informational and analytical materials for the international meetings of the governing staff in Ukraine and abroad;

preparing the materials for the participation of the governing staff in bilateral Inter-Governmental Commissions;

analysis and propagation of foreign experience of state regulations in the field of transport and communications;

planning, organization, coordination and control of the participation of the branch directorates and departments in the work of international organizations;

preparing and holding the negotiations of the delegations and working groups;
working with Central Authorities (e.g. Cabinet of Ministers, President's Administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance etc)

working with the embassies to Ukraine, official representatives and missions etc. 

interstate and branch-wise cooperation in the field of transport and communications between the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine and foreign administrations, international organizations etc;
Червень 2001Жовтень 2004
3 роки 4 місяці
UCRF, National Telecom Regulatory Authority
eng, int'l legal support
analysis and working of technical information and documentation concerning radio frequencies resource, its use, management and control using the national legislation, International Radio Regulations, Regional, Bi- and Multilateral Agreements for all radio services; 

providing the international coordination for all frequency assignments of Ukraine, legal support to radio services;

conducting and working out the international correspondence;

matters of import, transportation and use of the radio electronic equipment, radio techniques, satellite communication mobile stations etc.;

colloquial and written English-Ukrainian (Russian) and Ukrainian (Russian)-English technical and business translations, administrative correspondence;

organization of the participation, arranging and participation in number of international meetings, conferences, workshops in the framework of the ITU, CEPT, RCC, Centre of Excellence of the ITU for CIS, Central and Eastern Europe and Baltics etc;

2003-2004 (State Committee of Communications and Informatization of Ukraine, International Relations Department) 

Organization of the participation of the official delegation of Ukraine in the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS),

Coordination work as an executive secretary between the State Committee of Communications and Informatization of Ukraine and Central executive power bodies (State Authorities), UNDP and other international organizations, NGOs, public organizations and telecommunication companies.

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