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Квітень 2013Травень 2016
3 роки 1 місяць
Wargaming / Persha Studia
IT Manager
participated in the IT Service Desk daily operations; maintain network infrastructure and support collaboration with other departments. Developed and implemented own monitoring system running together with other well-known systems as Zabbix, Nagios, etc. 
As a result, I've successfully managed with Cisco Network Infrastructure update as a part of Data Center relocation and new office LAN implementation. The wireless network configuration and further network design improvements have been also realized. There were also good results in integration of Telephony with VoIP and Corporate communication services while being responsible for maintenance of local Telephony Network (ie PSTN via SIP/VoIP; SMS/IVR, etc). I was also responsible for signing agreements with mobile operators to reduce costs and utilization of mobile telephony/3G.
Лютий 2007Травень 2013
6 років 3 місяці
CJS Company Rise, Kyiv, Ukraine
Technical providing department head
Worked  in  a  team  of  self-motivated  technicians  while  participated  in  the  whole company  infrastructure  development. 
Department  has  been  responsible  for  the 
enterprise   network   and   all   related   co
rporate   services   (WAN/LAN/VPN). 
I   was responsible  for  the  whole  Cisco  Network  Infrastructure  and  general  Telephony; 
development   and  implementation   of   Network   Operation   Portal   with monitoring systems (SNMP/PHP/MySQL); Mentoring and supervising all IT team in all branches to  implement  single  standards  in  telephony  and  networking.  Technical  support  and 
maintenance of all data centers.
As  a  result,  whole  WAN  network  was  unified  into  corporate  standards  providing  strong security and low operational costs.
Лютий 2006Березень 2007
1 рік 1 місяць
Play Mobile Technology LLC
IT Director
Organizing flexible and fast growing team to support IT background for the telecom business; participated in the whole company infrastructure development and strong solutions implementation for the business and independent customers’ projects.
Листопад 2002Березень 2006
3 роки 4 місяці
Independent Consultant.
System Integrator
Architecting and deploying of complex systems with an emphasis on quality and very high performance; web/database application development; deploying and testing of applications’ performance and reliability; configuring production servers with all required services. Responsible for remote administration of client’s servers. Telephony integration and help-desk services.
Липень 2004Грудень 2005
1 рік 5 місяців
Finport Technologies Inc.
Head of System Administrator's Department
take a role in making decisions regarding company’s information infrastructure development; documenting policies, techniques and crafted procedures for use by other team members; making training on system administration topics; designing backup plan with security and reliability in mind. Also involved in general SA responsibilities such as networking, telephony, security. Participated also in different commercial projects mostly in web-based development’s groups.
Лютий 2002Грудень 2002
10 місяців
Blagovest Ltd. Realty Agency
Software Engineer, Help Desk
web/database application development; software and hardware maintenance of company's workstations and servers.
Грудень 1998Березень 2002
3 роки 3 місяці
Majar-2, ISP
System Administrator
administrating and maintaining ISP's servers' hardware and software that based on UNIX FreeBSD. Responsible for remote UNIX administration of company's and client's servers within wireless WAN. Manage developing and deploying of remote authentication/authorization, accounting and billing system

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