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Стаж: 27 років 1 місяць

Квітень 2004теперішній час
19 років 11 місяців
Head of organisational department
-	manage all corporate events (including board meetings, black-tie receptions, parties, picnics, conferencies, trainings and press-conferencies).
-	supervise production of souvenir and branded promotional items.
-	monitor designing and printing all corporate branded printed materials.
-	supervised all travel arrangements for company stuff and guests (including air/railway tickets purchase, accommodation and city tour reservation, visa procession, charter flights arrangements).
-	coordinate the orientation program for fresh-coming employees, part. expats.
-	monitor and participate in  new corporate policy paperwork  elaboration designed on facilitation of company restructuring process.
-	manage company cooperation with Embassies and official institutions on travel arrangements.	
Листопад 1996Січень 2004
7 років 2 місяці
Cargill AT
Head of administrative department
-	coordinated and monitored all issues related to the expats life in the country i.e. housing, maintenance of dwelling , moving in-out, visa paperwork, etc.
-	coordinated office stationery supplies, food, furniture, purchase subscription, correspondence and documentation  flow dispatching arranging.
-	coordinated office space renovation and maintenance and also collaborated with office space landlord on lease agreement, payment, insurance, re-planning, fire and bomb protection, etc. 
-	supervised technical staff and drivers work: hiring, overtime payment calculation, work scheduling, etc. 
-	monitored issues related to the office transportation (cars purchase-selling, registration, technical expertise at Road Police Department, insurance, accident reporting, repairs, etc.
-	coordinated invitations processing and all issues of visas obtaining for locals/expats
-	coordinated officers visits including accommodation, transportation, official receptions/presentations, customs KBP officials on company air-jets arrival/departure.
-	coordinated all company special events, i.e. parties, receptions, presentations, picnics, etc.

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