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Стаж: 1 рік 8 місяців

Вересень 2004Квітень 2005
7 місяців
Enkata technologies(Data analysis), USA
Business Development Manager
	Project: Creating back-office for Professional Services organization within Enkata corporation with long-term objective to outsource all professional services activities from USA to Ukraine.
All range of business activities – from renting an office, creating legal model for running business in Ukraine, procurement of needed equipment and furniture to searching and interviewing potential employees.
Completed development project to the point of hiring selected applicants. Unfortunately at this time situation in the corporation destabilized and project was postponed for undefined period.
Вересень 2003Серпень 2004
11 місяців
Softline, Ukraine
Specialist, acted as project manager
	Project: Pilot project within the company. Development of an automated testing system of Governmental employment agency information system as an external product for customer.
Performed such functions as planning, development, testing, and control of documentation, source codes, and modules.
Organized and coordinated work of 2 to 5 co-workers on different stages of a project.
	Accomplishments: Wrote Technical Task and other documentation for the project. Developed 30 automated tests.
Липень 2003Серпень 2004
1 рік 1 місяць
Daughter Enterprise Sumitec Ukraine, part of Japanese Enterprise, Sumitomo Corporation
IT manager
а) Elaboration of  IT – solutions for business process support.
б) Network management
в) Machinery procurement and setting-up
г) Users training
	Accomplishments: Developed a project of transition to IP-telephony system for main office and partner connection and achieved resource savings of five times.
Лютий 2004Серпень 2004
6 місяців
	Project: Information-analytical system «Governmental Debt Administration» for Ministry of Finance.
	Functions: Support and development. Direct contacts with immediate customers and users of system, which helped to accomplish goals of change requests straight as they were formulated.
	Accomplishments: Redesigned financial reports architecture and embedded it into system.
Грудень 2003Березень 2004
3 місяці
	Project: Development of a new administration subsystem for information system in Cabinet of Ministers.
	Accomplishments: Redesigned database architecture and rewrote system source codes for external administration system integration. 
Липень 2003Жовтень 2003
3 місяці
Test team manager
	Project: Planning of testing process of a General Prosecutors Office of Ukraine document flow system.
	Accomplishments: Wrote test plan, developed test cases. Got acquainted with complex problem domain.

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