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Стаж: 25 років 1 місяць

Грудень 2013теперішній час
10 років 2 місяці
Alfa-bank (Ukraine)
Head of retail collection
Managing of all the stages of retail debt collection including: soft (call-center 200 FTE), hard (70 FTE field-collectors), legal (40 FTE) and restructuring.

The major achievements:
1. Adopting of the department to doubling of volume of operation due to crisis of year 2014.
2. Current default rates are at the lowest level for recent five years.
3. Exit from Crimea region with minimum loss.
Березень 2013Січень 2014
10 місяців
Ukrsotsbank (Unicredit group)
Head of special credit and restructuring
Management of all the stages of retail debt-collection: soft, hard, legal and restructuring.

The main achievement: cash collection on NPL portfolio was doubled due to implemented changes at the department.
Вересень 2010Січень 2013
2 роки 4 місяці
EOS Ukraine
Managing director
EOS Group, Germany, Outsourcing collection services & debt purchasing

-	Starting up of two EOS’s companies in Ukraine;
-	The effective operating department and support infrastructure were built up in consistence with group standards;
-	Getting of biggest clients from the market: Privatbank, Alfa-bank, Delta bank, Ukrsotsbank, Pravexbank, Platinumbank etc.
-	High level of operational margin (40%)

150 staff under control.
Грудень 2009Жовтень 2010
10 місяців
General manager
ECALL, Outsourcing collection and call-centre services

-	Cost cutting of overhead costs was done. Brake even point was achieved;
-	Save key management team and all significant contracts despite unfriendly actions from competitors which were based on the fact of changing CEO.

700 staff under control.
Серпень 2008Січень 2010
1 рік 5 місяців
Head of collection
All stages of retail and SME debt collection.

-	led the company to the TOP3 on the domestic outsourcing market; 
-	transparent controllable system that allows to obtain stable and high results was implemented;
-	building of effective relationships between operational dep and other departments of the company.

540 staff under control.
Квітень 2006Вересень 2008
2 роки 5 місяців
BG Bank (former "UBDP")
Deputy CEO
-	Risk management;
-	NPL management;
-	Chairman of credit committee;
-	Budgeting;
-	Reporting.

-	Implementation of managerial reporting, budgeting;
-	Implementation of risk management of most severe risks: credit, liquidity, percentage, currency, operational;
-	Low default rate of cash loans (less than 4% before crisis);
-	Implementation of standards of enterprise credit risk estimation.
-	The financial sanitation of a few corporate debtors of the bank.
Жовтень 2003Травень 2006
2 роки 7 місяців
Head of finance and banking risk department
Budjeting, reporting and risk management
Листопад 1998Листопад 2003
5 років
UBDP,Finance and credit, Legbank
Middle management positions
Analysis, reporting, FX trading.

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