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Стаж: 22 роки 10 місяців

Травень 2006теперішній час
17 років 9 місяців
Microsoft Ukraine
Product Marketing Manager
 Created end-to-end marketing plan for all Client marketing in Ukraine, ensured that Client plan addressed both the biggest opportunities in the subregions as well as the needs of the local GMs/teams
 Responsible for split, use and tracking of Client marketing budget, ensured the right ROI is built into any marketing activity
 Coordinated Client marketing plan implementation, ensured timely execution and measured impact
 Developed a broad understanding of the dangers of anti-piracy and worked closely with LC champs to lower illegal use of Microsoft’s intellectual property
 Communicated & marketed the business value proposition of Client products to distribution channel and business/mass customers
 Empowered Ukraine EPG with messaging encouraging the broad upgrade of existing customers to more advanced products (Windows Vista, Windows Live, IE7, etc.)
Липень 2004Червень 2006
1 рік 11 місяців
Marketing Research Manager
 Set up and managed a monitoring and information inflow system to capture the latest competitor related information at all levels emanating both from Ukraine as well as business cases from markets with similar structure elsewhere in the world
 Briefed senior management weekly and monthly on competitor activity and likely intentions and seek clearance for response or contingency response planning 
 Set up and managed a cross-functional team and process to produce rapid mini-business cases for responses and response contingencies resulted in tariffs adjustments to Djuice and Ace&Base brands
 Worked with Budgeting and Finance continuously to adjust forecasts in light of competitor activity, analyzed and forecasted market potential, attractiveness; developed scenarios that helped to take necessary actions and budgeting for 2005
Лютий 2003Серпень 2003
6 місяців
Marketing Analyst Intern
 Developed Marketing Plan by analyzing software and IT Services markets (Public, Energy &Utilities sectors) which significantly improved company performance.
 Studied target market by conducting qualitative and quantitative surveys of customers’ behavior, needs and preferences to define decision-makers structure, demand elasticity, and product requirements. 
 Evaluated market attractiveness by accurately projecting market potential and market profitability, which helped to focus resources and reduce client engagement costs.
 Performed customer segmentation using SPSS statistical software to identify the most attractive segments and develop relevant marketing program
 Designed marketing mix strategies by analyzing results of the survey that led to the first client engagement in 2003.
Грудень 1999Вересень 2002
2 роки 9 місяців
Marketing Specialist
 Planned communication and promotion activity using Marketing Plan objectives. Results: increased brand awareness by 17% and customer base by 150%.
 Developed and implemented advertising campaigns by coordinating work with ad agencies (Bates, BBDO), controlled all ins and outs. Results: 5 integrated ad campaigns and many small promo campaigns were launched on time and within designated budget.
 Designed POS-materials supply chain for corporate Intranet that significantly decreased POS-material production time and cost.
 Developed and implemented loyalty programs for VIP customers and corporate clients by cooperating with largest national discount network - Prestige Card - decreasing customer defection rate by 20%
 Designed and launched new communication channels involving broadcasting of ads to subscribers on hold at call centers, significantly reducing the number of calls answered by live operators
 Organized annual corporate events (dealer’s conference, subsidiaries meetings) which significantly increased employees’ and dealers’ satisfaction

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