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Стаж: 7 років 5 місяців

Травень 2003Вересень 2005
2 роки 4 місяці
US Embassy Kiev, Consular Section / Fraud Prevention Unit.
Diversity Visa Fraud Investigator
1. Compiling the quarterly statistical packages for Consul General to report to State Department for updating visa policy for Ukraine.
2. Organizing Fraud Prevention manager’s travel, coordination of his/her meetings schedule. 
3. Preparation of general information and statistics for Consul General’s Press Conferences.
4. Compiling and reporting Unit’s general statistics, compiling trainings for new-coming officers and delivering presentations on Unit’s main projects and newly discovered fraud trends, not less than once a month. 
5. Organizing and conducting official meetings and presentations with personal and Consular general contacts, such as – Airlines top management, Ukrainian State Border Guards (Boryspil), other Embassies Diplomats.
6. Development and constant cooperation with personal contacts on non-immigrant and immigrant visa verifications.  Creation and development MS-Access database for utilizing and keeping constantly growing contacts list. 
7. In charge of coordination for “Diversity Visa Fraud Investigations” Project. Presenting project’s statistics to Consul General and other Consular diplomats monthly, in a form of PowerPoint Presentations / Trainings.  
8. Key investigator on non-immigrant visa cases – bi-weekly statistical reporting. 
9. Create and maintain fraud database related to immigrant visa fraud cases. 
10. Maintaining and updating of fraud prevention “sensitive” files.
Березень 2002Червень 2003
1 рік 3 місяці
US Embassy Kiev, Consular Section / Fraud Prevention Unit.
Consular Investigations Clerk
1. Filing and maintenance of fraud prevention “sensitive” files.
2. Verifications on applicants’ employment, participation in conferences and business meetings, and assistance in investigating other potentially fraudulent aspects of visa applications.
3. Track and report monthly fraud statistics and report to US Supervisor (Fraud Prevention Manager - Diplomat).
4. Develop and maintain a computerized database of fraudulent visa cases – provide monthly reports to US Supervisor (Fraud Prevention Manager - Diplomat).
5. Draft summaries and memorandums on fraud cases in English for Consul General action approval. 
6. Conducting analytical and research projects in tight time constraints – presenting projects results in a form of PowerPoint Presentations / Trainings.
7. Developing and keeping contacts with different levels of U.S. and Ukrainian governmental authorities and business entities.
8. Provide additional support and assistance to the Fraud Prevention Investigator and Consular Officers (Diplomats).
Листопад 2000Квітень 2002
1 рік 5 місяців
US Embassy Kiev, Consular Section / Public Liaison Unit
Consular Receptionist
1. Answering Consular related phone inquiries from U.S. State Authorities (Senate and Congress) and Ukrainian public.
2. Screening and distribution of incoming correspondence for the Consular Diplomats (Consul General, Deputy Consul General and Consular Officers).
3. Assisted with public liaison unit’s special projects (statistical analysis, calculation of peak and quite seasons, etc.).
4. Maintained computerized database records on public inquiries and documents filed.
5. Drafting replies on public inquiries for Consul General and Deputy Consul General.
Квітень 1998Листопад 2000
2 роки 7 місяців
“Tradigrain Ukraine LTD.” (Kirovohrad)
Office Manager
1. Organization of meetings for Branch’ General Manager and keeping his personal schedule constantly updated.
2. Keeping track of all cargo loaded, transported and kept in storage and providing weekly statistical reports on totals.
3. Keeping the contacts/partners database constantly updating and optimizing it.
4. Resolving office’ technical and supply issues – selecting vendors for services and office supplies purchasing.
5. Web development and database development. 
6. Business related correspondence and confidential information storage.

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