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Травень 2004Вересень 2004
4 місяці
SP Ukrop (Kiev)
Financial Manager Assistant
Main responsibilities: I was responsible for analysing and operating financial data; updated employers’ database; performed internet data research; prepared and organised presentations and business meetings. I was also given a business project to research and complete.
Skills gained:
	Built professional relationship with new partners 
	Working quickly to a high level of accuracy, including mental arithmetic 
	Successfully demonstrate the ability of the leadership 
	Developed the ability to find alternative solutions for the problems
Травень 2003Серпень 2003
3 місяці
Nadra Bank (Kiev)
Assistant Manager
Main responsibilities: documentary work; keeping track of general agreements regarding operations and co-operations on inter bank markets of Ukraine; analysing and approving L/C; analysing and completing transactions.
Skills gained:
	Gained experience with the financial and banking sectors
	Career Management
	Organising and taking responsibility
	Meeting the deadlines
Травень 2002Вересень 2002
4 місяці
MB-Invest (Kiev)
Assistant Manager
Main responsibilities: office administration work; preparing accounting reports; organising business meetings; market research in new business areas; worked with clients, solving users PC problems including sorting out spreadsheets, explaining how to use complex features in word- processing packages.
Skills gained:
	Maintained polite professionalism, even with difficult customers 
	Strengthened written and spoken communicational skills for business
	Teamwork with the other stuff
	Developed IT skills, especially Excel and Power Point
Травень 2001Серпень 2001
3 місяці
Harrow House International College
Work involved general kitchen work: cooking, serving food, and cleaning. Developed viability as a part of the team.

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