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Стаж: 28 років 5 місяців

Січень 2005теперішній час
18 років 11 місяців
Chief of Risk Analysis Department. Deputy Chairman of Credit Committee, member of Committee on Management of Assets and Liabilit
Developed and implemented all policies and procedures to support crediting of corporations in the bank "from zero".
Approved all credit agreements in total over $11,6 million over seven-month period. Provisions of the credit portfolio was 4,7 %, it was confirmed by PriceWaterHouseCoopers.
Managed the department (credit analysis, monitoring of financial statement of borrowers, analysis and monitoring of collateral).
Hired, trained and supervised staff of 5 personnel.
Грудень 2003Січень 2005
1 рік 1 місяць
Deputy Chief of Commercial Risk Department, Member of Credit Committee
Involved in decision making concerned to approving credit projects, establishment of limits, developing policies and procedures. 
Developed and approved all policies and procedures concerning credit risk management in the bank.
Hired, trained and supervised risk-management staff of Head office and 9 Regional Departments (over 50 personnel).
Травень 2000Грудень 2003
3 роки 7 місяців
Chief of Credit Analysis Department, Member of Credit Committee
Approved all credit projects from $ 300 thousands up to $12 millions
Created and implemented methodology of credit analysis of a corporate borrower. It is used in UkrSibbank now with insignificant changes.
As a member of special team, created and implemented politics and procedures of corporate crediting. Arranged appropriate trainings for staff.
Hired, trained and supervised staff of over 20 credit analysts in Head office and all branches of the bank.
Жовтень 1998Травень 2000
1 рік 7 місяців
Credit Analyst
analysing different credit projects;
preparation of credit analysis, which includes analysis of financials as well as comments on management quality, ownership structure, industry, market position, and outlook for a potential borrower;
communication with clients in order to acquire detailed information;
monitoring of financial statement of the borrowers; 
production of industry/market analysis;
determination of reliable sources of information (local and international required for comprehensive corporate/market analysis.
Вересень 1996Листопад 1998
2 роки 2 місяці
Responsibilities: controlling over mutual settlements between company and its clients.
Липень 1994Вересень 1995
1 рік 2 місяці
Credit specialist
Responsibilities: supporting the crediting of corporate clients.

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