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Стаж: 26 років 6 місяців

Червень 1997теперішній час
26 років 6 місяців
Ukrainian Pediatric Specialized Hospital ''Ohmatdit". Microsurgery department.
-Mastering of technique of examination and basic principles of management of the patient in pediatric surgery, intensive therapy of critical conditions.
-Mastering at corpse accesses to the vessels and nerves of extremities and operations of a suture and grafting  nerve, operations on tendons (suture, plastic), osteosynthesis.
-Experiments on the laboratory animals (rabbit, rats). Mastering narcosis, microvascular suture.
-Participating as a 2-nd and 1-th assistant in operations concerning fresh and chronic  damages of vessels, nerves, tendons of extremities, replantatitions and revascularisations of the segments of extremities, reconstructive operations in area of extremities (congenital anomalies, posttraumatic and burns deformations), maxillofacial area (cleft lip and palate), operations of skin grafting (free skin grafting, dermatomic skin grafting, skin plastic surgery by Limberg), removal tumors (hemangiomas, lymphangiomas, fibromatosis, lypomas), removal of heterogeneous bodies, amputations and reamputations, venesections.
-independent carrying out primary surgical processing, venesections, sutures of nerves, sutures of blood vessels, replantations of the segments of extremities, sutures of tendons, skin grafting, osteosynthesys, free bone grafting, grafting of tissue complex, arterio-venous anastomosis,  reconstructive operations in area of extremities, in connection with congenital anomalies, amputations, removal of  tumors and heterogeneous bodies.
-PC: Word, Internet, Access, Excel, Photoshop, Powerpoint.
-driver licence from 1991.

Освіта: Середня




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