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Стаж: 12 років 2 місяці

Жовтень 2004Грудень 2005
1 рік 2 місяці
manufacturer, exporter, importer, wholesaler of metal production
Executive Director
planning, control and analysis of company activities; 
elaboration and realization of new commercial projects (idea generating- analysis- development- implementation); 
feasibility study (equipment selection, technical consultants hiring, business planning);
commodity and pricing policy (cost calculation, marketing);
retrieval and negotiation with foreign suppliers (existed and potential);
elaboration and control of export and import delivery scheme (external contracts, transportation, customs clearance etc);
negotiation with key customers;
promoting company brand via media and corporate internet site (design idea, content)
recruitment, motivation of staff, goals setting, operation control;

elaborated and realized 2 business ideas (1 partialy)
Червень 2002Листопад 2004
2 роки 5 місяців
importer and wholesaler of consumer goods
Marketing and Business Development Manager
competitive and strategic analysis of company’s activities (by business directions);
developing marketing researches and overviews on perspective business, not concerned with current company’s business activities,
preparing, implementation and evaluation of results of quantitave survey (setting up goals, creating questionnaire, training interviewers, interpretation and analysis of results, etc), working with marketing research companies;
built-up concepts of positioning for company’s trademarks,  brand- management (…) – background, creative, evaluation
coordination works with advertising agency, copy creative, development and evaluation (for TV, printing production, POSM, press etc), events and promotion planning;
media planning (TV, press, outdoor, transport, events, etc)
exhibition support for company, as exhibitor (place lease, exhibition stand development and manufacture control, souvenirs and presentation materials order, etc) and as visitor (exhibition calendar, obtaining list of exhibitors, preliminary negotiates, etc)
regional markets survive, retail scanning, concerning presented groups of goods, networks, potential clients allocation, planning, selecting goals and priorities for company’s development in each region,
development and implementation of new Company’s commercial projects: idea  generating (finding a product), development, conjuncture analysis, suppliers selection, negotiation and contract signing, import cost optimization, logistics support, pricing, purchasing to key customers, etc)

created and promoted 2 consumer goods brands. Soon brands became leaders in their segments.
elaborated 5 business ideas, 3 of them realized
Червень 2000Вересень 2001
1 рік 3 місяці
production and wholesale of packaging
Regional sales manager (Donetsk, Lugansk)
searching and direct sales to regional clients, 
developing new regions, collecting and analyzing information about potential clients in Ukraine (Kiev, Chernigov, Cherkassu, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir regions) and in CIS countries; 
creating branches, personnel select and hiring, logistic support, setting up goals and control of their fulfillment, evaluation of activities’ efficiency;
developing and implementation of marketing strategy, correcting price and clients policy depended on market situation, evaluation of efficiency of new production launched; 
drawing up current marketing reviews depended on kinds of production, locales and aggregated, marketing forecasting;
collecting and analyzing marketing information about domestic and foreign competitors activities;
short- and medium- term planning of production and sales, analysis of company’s activities;
active participation in negotiations, communication with foreign suppliers of equipment;
working with Company’s engineers on modernization of equipment

enlarged client base from 42 upto 220 direct customers;
found the way of modernization of existed equipment - so widened Company's assortent of goods and services
Вересень 1996Липень 2000
3 роки 10 місяців
wholesaler of metallurgical products
Sales and Purchase Manager
direct sales of production, prepare and conclude external contracts;
developing and implementation delivery schemes with foreign partners in CIS countries;
providing manufacturing and commercial cooperation between Ukraine and CIS- countries’ enterprises;
preparing and implementation contracts on purchasing raw materials for industrial enterprises;
logistic services for production (shipment control, customs clearance, payment for transit transportation);
organizing railroad forwarding services for clients;
rendering of assistance to plants in development of new production (elaboration, certification);

provided Company with long-term commodity credit on rather profitable conditions 
assisted large metallurgical plant with launching new types of production
Квітень 1994Жовтень 1996
2 роки 6 місяців
Investment Company
Mutual Fund Manager
providing redemption and effective disposal own security papers;
attracting free monetary funds of potential and corporate clients;
control company’s operations on stock market;
organization and control of branches activity.
Січень 1993Травень 1994
1 рік 4 місяці
Ministry of Economy of Ukraine
Economist of state regulation department for foreign affairs
working with inquiries of enterprises;
taking part in preparing documentation in the sphere of state regulation of foreign affairs;
working in commissions on checking enterprises’ foreign affairs activity.

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