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Листопад 2004теперішній час
19 років 1 місяць
Gillette Ukraine LLC
financial analyst
-	 Financial Month End closing (Corporate GAAP Reporting)
-	Cost Analysis (direct costing)
-	company estimate P&L preparation, 
-	calculation and making of necessary GAAP adjustments to Ukrainian accounting in order to make Ukrainian accounting data fitting corporate rules
-	Direct Marketing Expense reporting (Accruals on Marketing programs, compliance with budget)
-	SAP & Scala GAAP entries
-	Calculation of DSO (AR turnover)
-	Compilation of Gillette monthly reports on Sales, Direct Marketing Expenses, Accounts receivable, Controllable overheads
-	Cost accounting according to US GAAP/Standard Costing
 - Financial Results analysis and preparation of presentations 
Вересень 2003Грудень 2004
1 рік 3 місяці
financial analyst
-	reporting on sales, payments and AR (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)
-	management accounting (1C) according to US GAAP
-	making up P&L statement
-	analysis of firm’s performance –calculation of profit, profitability, markup, AR&AP turnover, overall tax burden, stock turnover, costs of goods sold and in stock, average salary, amortization&depreciation and so on
-	reporting for bank on the goods under deposit
Листопад 2002Жовтень 2003
11 місяців
ICT- International Container Transport
- -	creation and administration of database of shipments in EXCEL, calculation of price of the shipment according to the route and contract
-	monitoring and checking terms of client’s payments as well as control of the incoming document flow 
-	(terms, completeness of the documents rendered by carrier and accuracy of the data stated in invoices, work acceptance acts, etc)
-	making up weekly and monthly statements for the head management on the profit, number of shipments and different analytical reports
-	communication with foreign partners and agents, translations

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