Management position (marketing/sales/office head)

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Стаж: 28 років 4 місяці

Серпень 2004теперішній час
19 років 4 місяці
Marketing Manager / Department manager
	created, developed, established and implemented country marketing objectives and strategies;
	coordinated the development of sales objectives, strategies, advertising and promotional programs to ensures the execution of marketing programs;
	initiated and implemented the development of long-range and short-range
forecasts and planning;
	directed and lead market research programs in collaboration with the corporate customer & markets managers;
	monitored and evaluated the effectiveness of marketing programs and projects;
	developed and managed the brand;
	managed price strategy in collaboration with sales forces;
	established and developed competitive service portfolio;
	in collaboration with channel managers developed effective channels to the market and  respective policies for the channels (distribution, system integration and panel building);
	managed customer relationships to engage potential and improve the loyalty of existing clients;
	planed, prepared projects and managed the running of them;
	managed the department team.
	reporting to the Marketing Director and Country Manager.
Серпень 2000Вересень 2004
4 роки 1 місяць
Brand / product manager
	managed the brand of 6 product families;
	developed Product Roadmaps to direct the activities of the CEE-CIS zone and Schneider Electric Ukraine in particularly in meeting present and future customer needs at desired ROI’s; 
	set multiple product sales volumes, product mix, market penetrations, budgets, and price strategy to achieve planned contribution margins;
	developed market research programs to provide proper analysis of market potential, share and performance;
	analyzed competitive product offerings and impact for assigned product lines;
	directed and coordinated advertising agency activities related to creation and execution of approved campaigns;
	monitored and controlled advertising expenses to assure maximal output; 
	identified new product needs or modifications in response to market opportunities and business strategies;
	provided supporting pre-sales / after sales services.
	negotiated brand / product families procurement prices for Schneider Electric Ukraine with the CEE-CIS zone Manager from Europe;
	supported the salesforce in terms of commercial negotiations and meetings, approval of contract specifications;
	by means of an active brand policy to influence salesforces in order to increase overhaul  turnover of the Group in Ukraine;
	coordinated the activity policy with the other managers during  preparation & implementation of complex projects.
Decision making level 
	decision on the development and implementation of the brand / product families strategy in Ukraine;
	decision on approval of contract specifications; 
	Directly to the Country Manager.
Січень 1999Вересень 2000
1 рік 8 місяців
Technical Consultant.
	due diligence of the existing facilities;
	engineering of the existing & new plant connections at the site;
	coordination and supervision of design works being carried out by Ukrainian design institutes;
	analysis of the operation philosophy of  existing & new plant systems; 
	preparation of reports on the above facilities within the scope of EPC (engineering, procurement and construction contract);
	written review of technical and commercial documents;
	collection of plant information including documentation of all data;
	co-ordination with foreign consultant - experts (EBRD, KEMA, CHIYODA) including on-site visits, data requests, and interface with the staff of the plant;
	verbal interpretation during meetings and discussions.
Травень 1997Лютий 1999
1 рік 9 місяців
Head of IT department Х development and maintenance of the information system.
	development and maintenance of the information system in the company;
	development of the company’s web site for promotion of the company in local and international markets (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Czech republic, Germany) in the field of industrial plants and power stations;
	preparation of specifications and documents regarding various projects.
Серпень 1995Серпень 1997
2 роки
Assistant of Head.
	assistance in the organization of computer courses for the company ‘s employees;
	assistance in analysis and organization of the computer network in the office;
	development and updating of databases;
	partial preparation and translation of research reports in the field of space technologies.

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