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Стаж: 11 років 1 місяць

Грудень 2003Січень 2005
1 рік 1 місяць
TS solutions, LLC Elgin, IL
Database Architect/Consultant
	Full lifecycle development of an new OBiX Perinatal monitoring Data System for Clinical Computer Systems, Inc.
	Architect database structure including tables, views, relationships, triggers, constrains, stored procedures and functions on a SQL Server 2000 platform.
	Provide end user and field support for all  applications modules. 
Грудень 1999Січень 2004
4 роки 1 місяць
Incredible Technologies, Inc. Arlington Heights, IL.
Database Administrator Х Administration of SQL Server.
	Administration of SQL Server 2000 and Adaptive Sybase Enterprise 12.0 databases.
	Involved in the process of migration Production database from SQLAnywere 5.0 to Adaptive Sybase Enterprise 12.0
	Developed and implemented International Production database.
	Assisting developers, users, customers and data analyze to resolve issues related to the physical databases of the applications.
	Tuning and performance, writing stored procedures, maintaining the database test environments, project level support and consultation.
	Developed and implemented Winners application for calculating new and work with all winners after various monthly tournaments.
	Implemented Distributors application including interface with Macola Progression 32, accounting applications, and Sybase, tournament database, for various user needs.
Грудень 1997Січень 2000
2 роки 1 місяць
ITT McDonnell & Miller Chicago, IL.
SQL Server DBA / Senior Client/Server Developer
	Responsible for management and administration of  SQL Server 7.0/2000 databases
	Responsible for maintenance and development of all in house written applications. 
	Involved in the process of upgrading ERP BPCS system built on DB2 and AS/400. 
	Modified sales, input, shipping performance, quality assurance and label applications. 
	Developed Labor Distribution system including interface with Kronos, time and attendance, and Infinium, payroll system. 
	Implemented report subsystem for sales, purchasing, production, accounting and customer service with over 100 on demand reports.
	Developed RGA, return good authorization, application for enhanced tracking of warranty and return items.
	Migrated and optimized applications from Access back end to SQL Server back end. Converted applications from DAO into ADO object model for enhanced connectivity to SQL OLE DB provider.
	Established a backup plan to handle SQL Server database recovery.
	Created DTS packages to facilitate the transfer of data between SQL Server and DB2
Грудень 1994Січень 1998
3 роки 1 місяць
WEB Tool & Mfg., Inc. Elk Grove Village, IL.
Database administrator.
 	Responsible for SQLBase, SQL Server 6.5 and Access 2.0, 97 databases running on NT Server 4.0.
	Monitoring of operating system and databases using in house written scripts, investigating crashes, created backup procedures, database maintenance and security.
	Implementation and tech support of Document Control and Internal Focus systems on SQL Server 6.5.
	Developed quality control, mfg. cycle counting and Run/Rate systems to improve company’s performance.
	Created various financial, shipping and receiving reports.
	Assisted users with system problems, customized and developed new Visual Manufacturing software applications using SQL Windows and Centura Builder.
	Search and analyze multiple software packages for possible implementation
Грудень 1993Січень 1995
1 рік 1 місяць
Integrated Healthcare Solutions Chicago, IL.
Database administrator.
	As a database administrator helped in developing security and disaster recovery policy.
	Configured and implemented Access 2.0 databases for data storage from HP 9000.
	Developed Access database that transfers scanned documents to Access tables and then to HP 9000.
	Installing, maintenance and troubleshooting software packages. 

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