PRODUCT MARKETING MANAGER (Mobile Phones Department)

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Стаж: 2 роки 10 місяців

Грудень 2004Листопад 2005
11 місяців
D3 Digital Media (
Distant Officer/CTO
Ukrainian office of the company - General management and onsite supervision, overall financial accounting & project management activities, syncronizing business processes between UA and UK offices and reporting on daily basis, strategic planning and HR management of UA office.

Introduced and set up internal project control framework using Macromedia Sitespring web-server for communication with UK and Track-IT(TM) software for internal task/time management.

Introduced and carefully improved QA procedures within company. 

Successfully participated in projects with Amazon, Google, etc and have been developing web-content access system to work with UK mobile providers.
Липень 2003Січень 2005
1 рік 6 місяців
D3 Digital Media (
Project Manager
Ukrainian office of the company - Project management in different spheres (web-design, eCommerce building/enabling, Win32 application development, print design and advertising), time and resources accounting, providing direct support for selected clients worldwide, defining and assigning tasks for web-development/programming and design teams. 
Травень 2002Листопад 2002
6 місяців
Archer Software Ltd. (
Marketing/Project Manager
Project management, preparation of reports and content for printed advertisements, business proposals, etc 

- Translation/adaptation of contents for English version of Archer Software web-site, consecutive site updates
- Printed ads - content preparation, copywriting
- Communicating with clients, defining tasks for developers 
- Left company due to graduation from University - had to finish my diploma

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