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Стаж: 19 років 11 місяців

Червень 2011теперішній час
12 років 6 місяців
Client Service Director
- Planning and implementation of large-scale integrated communication campaigns
- Effective and non-standard communications projects in various communication channels: TV, radio, internet, press
- Development of relations with opinion leaders (state officials, celebrities, well-known professionals) in various fields for key Agency's clients
- Development and leading of corporate communication strategies and plans, coordination of teams (both within the Agency and with partners organisations)  which were implementing the plans
- Strategic planning and managing client service processes as a whole
- Participation in sales with Business development directors
- Coordination of preparing the proposals for new clients: planning, creative work, effiency forecasting, new communication products creation
- Coordination of cooperation between all the specialists to ensure high-quality service for clients
- HR management in Client service department: team building, jobs distribution, control over personnel development, annual employees' evaluation, development of trainings for personnel
- Quality control: time control, PR efficiency control, control over client service, control of the clients' projects running
- Promoting Agency's interest in negotiations with clients 
- Reporting to Managing director of Agency and to Agency's owners 

Clients: Samsung, Kyivstar, Aquafrost (Odessa, TM "Vodnyi mir"), NOVUS, AVK (confectionary), Konti, iStore

- Optimization of Client service department's structure
- 2 new clients
- Development of internal reporting procedure
- 42 projects implemented (up to 30.06.2012)
- Unique integrated communication project "Samsung Galaxy SII quest: world with no limits" was shortlisted by PRavsa awards contest: http://focus.ua/tech/196675/, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qbjxoj7IGc&feature=plcp&context=C3d15781UDOEgsToPDskKG-TfscCFPwc_yZd4H2Z5s, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-wlZq4jiQU
- Contacts with opinion leaders: about 120 contacts of pop-singers, fashion designers, famous photographers producers, musicians, artists, politicians, cultural activists, popular bloggers etc)
Жовтень 2007Червень 2011
3 роки 8 місяців
Business development director
- Preparation of proposals for new clients of the Agency
- Participation in sales with Agency's director
- Development and correcting of PR plans and strategies for key current clients of the Agency
- Analytics of market, writing of articles in specialized editions
- Editing of the Agency's web-site
- Representing the Agency in various associations, events, meetings
- Creation and maintaining of clients' data base
- Project management for the most innovative and important projects of the Agency's clients
- Training of the Agency's team
- Developing and conducting regular contacts with opinion leaders in various fields: show biz, culture, journalism, art
- Reporting both for Client and for Company’s internal use

Clients: Kyivstar, Samsung, International organisation of migration, Kiev jewellery factory, Vitmark, NOVUS, Beach Soccer association, UNICEF, Grata consulting, East Europe foundation

- 9 new clients: 19 projects
- personal responsibility for project management of 5 large-scale integrated campaigns implemented with various communication tools (PR, BTL, special events, unique media projects): "Communication for the Future" (Kyivstar, 2008), "Time to express feelings" (Kiev jewellery factory, 2010), "For healthy nutrition" (Vitmark, 2010) etc
- Publications in Marketing Media Review: "About spendvesting" (http://mmr.net.ua/discuss/id/58/index.html), "Stop oversharing" (Sept'11 MMR), comments about PR efficiency (http://mmr.net.ua/news/newsid/23974/)
- Participation in MMR Lab: http://mmr.net.ua/mmr-lab-step2/ , http://mmr.net.ua/discuss/id/241/
- data base of opinion leaders' contacts (more than 70 direct contacts of pop-singers, producers, musicians, politicians, cultural activists, popular bloggers etc)
Січень 2005Жовтень 2007
2 роки 9 місяців
Brand New
PR manager
- Media relations with national and regional (press, radio, TV, Internet)
- Development of PR plans and strategies
- Development of press kits for various informational cases, briefing of copywriters
- Writing of articles and posts for blogs
- Preparation of project presentation
- Preparation of timing and budgets for projects
- Creation and implementation of non-standard special projects with media (with Inter channel, Novy channel, Autoradio, Gala radio, Lisa magazine etc)
- Implementation of integrated communication campaigns (DJUICE goal, "Your country. Your football. Your Kyivstar, "Rexona. You are Superwoman", "Rexona Men. Fanimals" etc)
- Management of social PR project of Kyivstar both on national and regional level (development of relations with local authorities, NGO's, informal communities, journalists)
- Reporting both for Client and for Company’s internal use

Clients: Gillette, Duracell, Oral-B, Rexona, Domestos, Lipton, Kyivstar

- 23 press conference organised
- 1 telebridge Kiev-Lugansk-Donetsk organised
- 8 press tours organised (both in regions and to Kiev)
- 6 integrated communication project realised
- 4 special non-standard TV project organised
- coordinating team of 3 and more specialists
- 14 business trips
- total budget of projects is more than $1,5 mln
Листопад 2003Листопад 2004
1 рік
Whites International Public Relations
Account manager
- Writing and editing of press releases, scripts, speeches, 
- Preparing of press kits for press events
- Press monitoring
- Media relations
- Developing plans of PR campaigns for clients
- Preparing Time plans and budgets of PR campaigns
- Report documents both for Client and for Company’s internal use

Clients: Shake (low alcohol), djuice, AVIS, ALEF corporation (Sierra tequila, Hankey Bannister whiskey etc)

- 7 non-standard press events organised
- 3 press tour organised (to Dnipropetrovsk, to Odessa, to Edinburgh)
- organised series of press lunches in the biggest Ukrainian cities (Kharkiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Lviv) on occasion of "djuice" launch
- 14 informational cases were initiated

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