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Серпень 2009теперішній час
14 років 4 місяці
Fundraising manager
	E-fundraising concept project integration for Ukrainian political party, candidates, NGO & funds
	Disposal of a link-up to merchant acquiring question
	Transaction monitoring
	Protection of NCO interests in bank
Серпень 2008Липень 2009
11 місяців
Head of the Kharkivska branch in Kiev
	Department organization management of the Kharkivska branch in Kyiv (control of terms of implementation of works contractors, permission services, preparation of internal and technical documents,  jointly with legal department work on the permission receipt documents of NBU, search of the branch staff) 
	Direct participating in the transition of Bank from a software environment  BARS on B2.
	Personnel training to the bank products and procedures.
	Start of separation and partition of working load of specialists. Signing of individual plans. Organization of operating and cash activity.
	Bringing in of clients of SME and private individuals in accordance to the set budget (for 6 months works are attracted 31 SME, 198 - PI, 5 - salary projects)
	Working up on presentation material and conducting of presentations for the target clients 
	Increasing of branch deposit portfolio 
	Control of multiplying the profitableness of branch with the simultaneous decline of expenses on his maintenance (revision of cost of lease of apartment, control of operating costs).
	Increase of credit business-case as a result of differentiation.
	Teaching of personnel to work with possible expirations.
	Working up on branch reports 
Квітень 2007Вересень 2008
1 рік 5 місяців
Head of Branch
	Making of co-operation contracts with motor shows and real estate agencies, commercial agents. 
	Formation of the credit documentations portfolio, its lodgments and representation. 
	Organization of the deals (adjustment with notary officer, insurance company regarding the time and conditions of the deal realization) 
	Preparing & analysis of documentations.
	 Submission of the banking interest on mortgage deals in the name of prime person.
	Making of the daily balance. Conducting of cashing. 
	Interviewing of the candidates and onboard support of the newcomers.
Червень 2006Травень 2007
11 місяців
Sales specialist
		Credit analysis of borrower.
	Sale of bank products: deposits, saving plans, current accounts, credit cards (leader of sales PLATINUM and GOLD  cards), mortgage credit, auto credit, Internet-banking. And also obligatory cross sales.
	Forming of accounting and individual files of clients. Conduct of clients.
	Operating activity.
	Fulfilling the plans of sales.
	Duties on providing of branch safety.
Серпень 2005Червень 2006
10 місяців
Crime investigator

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