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Стаж: 9 років 8 місяців

Лютий 2010Грудень 2010
10 місяців
Upeco (ТМ Salton,Breesal,Gardex,Раптор)
Key Account Manager
Fullfiled and met sales targets and plans with local, foreign chains of supermarkets (DC,Cosmo,Belaya Vorona,Billa,Kray,Caravan) with effectively using of promotional budget?
what resulted in overreaching aims by 12 % (yearly)
Серпень 2008Лютий 2010
1 рік 6 місяців
банк ИНГ Украина
Chairmen of branch
From 28.04.2010 till 03.12.2010 Sales Manager with Key clients in russian company Upeco,
where met sales targets with many local and foreign chains of supermarkets

From 10.10.2008 till 1.02.2010  was a Partner of ING bank, supervising a subsidiary office
in Obolon district, selling banking products and fulfilled set targerts like:
searching new clients and selling new banking products
increasing banking portfolio
creating different promo activity
analysing market and his opportunities
selling banking services
Березень 2005Жовтень 2008
3 роки 7 місяців
MacCoffee company.
Key Account Manager
From 10.05.2005 –til1 15.10.2007  working on position of National Key-Account Manager in MacCoffee company where I achieved the following:
	I have successfully  dealt with  all leading chains in Kiev and Ukraine beginning from Velika Kishenya, Selpo, Furshet, Megamarket and ending Target, Usi, Rainford, Amstor.  
	99% quantitative and qualitative distribution in 50 national supermarket chains (240 outlets)
	I have installed more than 9000 cash displays and about 1700 floor displays with coffee products
	I have increased coffee products presence on the shelves about 30% ( of coffee category)
	Negotiate and planning with all KA directors and buyers in Ukraine for best places on cashdesk zones and best conditions.
	Due to Nilsen agency kept 52% of share in supermarkets in 3in1 coffee category
	I have made supermarkets pay each two weeks for the products
	For two years I put also in supermarkets 14 brand new SKU (positions)
	Tracking of sales performance, retail price management and competition review by regions/ cities/chains
	Merchandising planning, target setting and performance tracking-working with our merchandisers and regional focus teams
	Sales promotional planning and execution for specific outlets or national chains
	Collaboration with regional sales managers and with Kiev area sales manager on all targets and activities regarding Key chains
	Coordination with brand team, national sales team and our dealers for operational and national sales campaigns   
Квітень 2003Квітень 2005
2 роки
Schick company (razor and blades for shaving)
Key Account manager.
From 1.06.2003 till 30.04.2005 working as a Key-account manager and as  regional sales manager  of central region in Temtrade distribution (trademark “Schick”) where I perform the following:
Developing  annual business plan ( net sales, profit sales)
Achieving full distribution (100% distribution with 0%  out of  stock)
Developing different pricing policies
Planning and controlling  the work of sales representatives

Березень 2001Березень 2003
2 роки
Colgate and Palmolive
Key Account Manager
Worked for Colgate-Palmolive Company as Key-Account manager in Kiev
I have dealt with all cash and carry through our two distributors
My major responsibilities were: to be leader in Kiev supermarkets in tooth paste and brush category (Selpo, Velika Kishenya, Kray, Megamarket, Furshet, Fozzi, DC, Cosmo)

1.	 Received very good places on the shelves for our products (on the eye’s level), I have achieved 25% standard of company space of shelf
2.	 Implemented recommended price policy (keeping prices lower or on the level with our competitors) I forced supermarkets to keep recommended margin
3.	Category management (merchandising). Implementation of the main three company’s standarts.
4.	Used my local budget to carry out local promotions (in the stores DC,Furshet for example)
During promotions sales increased three times more.
5.	Kept maximum assortment as possible, introduced on good conditions 15 new positions SKU.
6.	Installed additional trading equimpment in Kiev in 82 outlets (displays for tooth brushes for example)
7.	Controlled proper and just- in -time deliveries of goods from our distributors
8.	Built very good system of communication between me and sales representatives

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