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Травень 2006теперішній час
17 років 7 місяців
Financial Director
Project of the distribution companies group reorganization.

Diagnostics and financial analysis. On basis of these points – the proposals developing of the companies’ activity optimization process preparation. Business reorganization and trade and money flows plan developing. Develop accounting and managerial accounting policies for the group of distribution companies and their correlation with holding management and accounting principles. Developing of internal financial and managerial reporting forms that are oriented on the system of the activity based management. Develop of the budget system planning. Coordinate of ERP-system implementation process. Analytic overview of the companies activity for executives and management preparation.       
Липень 2003Січень 2006
2 роки 6 місяців
Financial Controller / Chief Accountant
Overall authority for the financial operation of the company, budget preparation and administration, cash-flow projection, negotiating and maintaining company credit line facilities with banks and company headquarters, audit, analysis, taxation, accounting, monthly closing of books of records, account reconciliation, and journal entry adjustments. Prepares monthly, quarterly and annual reports summarizing and forecasting company business activities and financial position in areas of income, expenses, and earnings based on past, present, and expected operations both to the local and company headquarters. Develop internal financial and managerial reporting forms. Prepare tax reports. Make suggestions of tax optimization. Control daily operating costs. Recommendation and implementation of IT software utilized by five distant company’s branches in Ukraine what satisfy as Ukrainian as International Accounting Standards. Hiring, supervise, train and support staff of 21.
	Made a proposal what helped company to return VAT reimbursement with 5-10% losses. (usual practice is 25-35%). 
	Developed plan of export-import transactions and VAT promissory notes turnovers what allowed the company to end 2003-2004 operational year without VAT reimbursement bad debts.
	Yearly internal and external audit and tax controls without negative remarks and penalties.
Травень 2002Січень 2003
8 місяців
Financial Director
Start-up project. 
Development and description the company’s organizational structure, manuals, procedures and document flows of goods movements and inventory control. Building up and organize work of financial and accounting departments. Develop the unified chart of accounts and accounting policy for   group companies.  Choose and implement accounting software. Develop of the budget, financial and managerial reporting and control systems. Analysis of company financial performance. Cash-flow management. Conclusion the insurance contracts and bank loan agreements. Tax planning. Hiring, supervise, train and support staff of 13.
	Proposition to use contracts of consignment between enterprises of the Group to let exclude pay-out of 1% alcohol turnover tax.
Березень 1999Червень 2002
3 роки 3 місяці
Chief Accountant
Start-up factory construction project. 
At the time of construction was accountable for cash desk and bank transactions, payroll, taxes, traveling expenses accounting of representative office. Prepare financial reports for the HQ office located in Barcelona. Than factory construction was finished - building up accounting department and accounting function, document/information flows. Develop and co-ordinate with HQ accounting policy. Perform a full spectrum of accounting functions. Preparing tax, statistical and accounting reports. Registration and discount VAT promissory note. Control of registration primary documentation, financial and cash turnover discipline and stoke take supervision. Tax planning. Take an active part in the implementation of financial module SAP/R3. Supervise, train and support staff of 5.
	Agreement with local tax authorities to let to reduce VAT reimbursement debt by compensation income tax payments; 
	Successful implementation of financial module SAP/R3.
	Yearly internal and external audit and tax controls without negative remarks and penalties.
Червень 1997Квітень 1999
1 рік 10 місяців
Financial Director
Reorganization of analytical and accounting departments. Take a part in operational and strategic planning.  Introduce managerial accounting, budgeting, budgetary control, analysis. Management accounts payables and receivables. Choose and implement accounting software. Develop internal financial and managerial reporting forms. Consolidation of branches reports (five branches) under IAS framework. Management of the entity’s financing (including EBRD loans). Tax planning. Supervise, train and support staff of 11.
	Receiving a big bank loan in the time of 1998 economic crisis.
	Management of the Company in General Director absence (vacation, business trip…).
Грудень 1994Липень 1997
2 роки 7 місяців
Financial Director / Chief Accountant
Accounting, financial and tax reporting. General management of the Euro-Office company during General Director maternity leave. Sales analysis, building up the supply chain. 

Prior to 1995 was employed as an economist, Head of Financial Department, Chief Accountant at large state enterprises (over 1000 employees) in Moldova, Russia, Ukraine.

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