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Стаж: 28 лет 7 месяцев

Март 2004настоящее время
19 лет 11 месяцев
Container Terminal of Illichivsk Sea Commercial Port
General Manager
All activities related to container handling in Illichivsk port.
Июль 2003Март 2004
8 месяцев
«Integrated Logistics Systems», a subsidiary of «Palma Group S.A», Switzerland.
General Director/Logistics Director
All logistics activity of 'Palma Group' - distribution of P&G products, pharmaceuticals, confectionary, ingredients. Also 3PL logistics services.
	Successfully concluded contract with Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine for Odessa warehousing and distribution centre.
	Successfully started operation in new warehouse (7000
	Improved terms of contract for distribution centre with Nestle S.A. (via Maersk Logistics)
	Successfully moved Odessa distribution center of Procter and Gamble to new warehousing complex
	Successfully implemented warehousing module of Microsoft Axapta.
Январь 2003Август 2003
7 месяцев
Maersk Ukraine Ltd, an agency of A.P.Moller/Maersk Sealand, Denmark.
Project Manager
	Successfully conducted survey of Mariupol port and hinterland area for opening of the liner service
	Successfully completed online project in Illichivsk (office was connected to global informational system).
	Railway activities started together with Trans-Siberian Express Service (A.P.Moller subsidiary).
	Humanitarian aid tender realized successfully via tail ways (325 контейнеров).
	Successfully won the AvtoZAZ-Daewoo tender on supply of the SKDs from Germany to Zaporizhzhya.
Ноябрь 1999Февраль 2003
3 года 3 месяца
Maersk Ukraine Ltd, an agency of A.P.Moller/Maersk Sealand, Denmark.
Branch Manager, Odessa
	Trucking rates decreased 10%, average annual saving (2 years in a row – USD 100000 PA).
	Performance bonus (cash) to the port eliminated (USD60000 PA).
	Successfully negotiated major forwarding expenses cut (USD50000PA)
	Local charges successfully introduced (USD120000 PA).
	Decrease of outstanding debts from the customers 50%.
	Elimination of the bad debt from USD250000 to zero.
	Successfully negotiated the contract with Odessa port.
	Successful implementing of the rail corridor Germany-Moldova, 487 containers delivered within 2 months.
	Office was praised for outstanding performance by European IT and Processes team and by 2 business audits of Central Finance team in a row.
	Ukraine was in top 3 European countries list by electronic bookings ratio.
	Office expanded 50%, staff hired successfully.
	Successful interaction with customs/security service/police/tax authority/prosecutor office resulting in major reduction of informational exchange and return of confiscated property.
Июль 1995Декабрь 1999
4 года 5 месяцев
Sea-Land Service Inc., subsidiary of CSX, (USA)
General Manager
	Ukrainian Representative office registered and set up. Staffing completed.
	Complete control over the agent’s activity introduced.
	Stevedoring tender performed. Annual savings for 1998 reached USD97000.
	Trucking rates decreased 5%. Annual decrease tradition implemented.
	Agency fees structure optimized, costs reduced.
	Direct responsibility for demurrage/detention policy exercised thus reducing the waivers for 70%.

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