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Стаж: 14 лет 5 месяцев

Апрель 2009Апрель 2010
1 год
Pioneer Pharmaceuticals
Managing Director/Businees Development Manager
Overall management and control over company’s performance, guiding the staff, strategic business planning and analyses, negotiations with clients (retail and wholesale market operators), contracts drafting, arrangement, signing and subsequent administration of the performance of the parties, drafting and development of others international and local commercial documentation, structuring promotional campaign, media planning, financial planning and reporting, delivering results, import of goods, customs clearance and logistics arrangements.
Июль 2007Апрель 2009
1 год 9 месяцев
NAI Pickard
Deputy Managing Director, Legal and Finance
Overall control over financial performance of the company, business planning and analyses, negotiations with foreign investor (clients and partners) re purchase and /or financing of the commercial property, development project, land, etc on the territory of Ukraine, variety of other projects appraisal,  due diligence and representation to investors and /or clients, structuring investment vehicles, advising foreign investors and or partners on financial matters relating to real estate transactions, contracts drafting, arrangement, signing and subsequent administration of the performance of the parties, drafting and development  of others international commercial documentation, partaking shopping mall management, loan negotiations, ongoing as activity within EBA.
Июнь 2005Ноябрь 2007
2 года 5 месяцев
Finance Director
Management of the Financial Department, supervision over the Chief Accountant, group financials (running accounts for the companies operating in and UK. Jersey, Cyprus), development and implementation of the internal financial system and  overall financial performance control, investment projects representation preparation and initial due diligence of the projects/properties, financial accounting and reporting in compliance with national and international standards, active participation in the EBA (European Business Association) Real Estate, Tax and Investment Climate Committees,  partaking in preparation of the EBA Paper “Barriers to Investment in Ukraine” 2006, 2007 in part of imperfections of local legislation as of real estate and land issues, CP and VA Taxes, currency regulation.
Декабрь 2000Июнь 2005
4 года 6 месяцев
Project Implementation Unit for the Kyiv Public Building Energy Efficiency Project
Chief Project Financial Management Specialist
Preparing standard Financial Management Reports for the World Bank  and providing accounting record and Financial Statements for the Project (GAAP, IAS), supervising cash flow and expenditures,  following the receipt of a invoices and monitoring existing contracts to secure implementation, planning for uses, debt services  and repayments of the Loan,  providing financial audit arrangements, drawing up Withdrawal Applications and SOEs, managing Special Account cash flow, arranging replenishment and recovery of Special Account, operating financial management software, drafting monthly financial reports to the Ministry of Finance, participating in the development of the Financial Management Manual, scheduling withdrawals, adjusting cash flow forecasts, operating transit account to  convert  Loan  funds for  the purpose of payments to  the local  contractors.
Сентябрь 1999Декабрь 2000
1 год 3 месяца
Project Implementation Unit for the Kyiv Public Building Energy Efficiency Project
Administrative Assistant
Collected financial data for the forthcoming reports, fed in data for the financial management software operation, participated in procurement process in the context of the subsequent disbursement, partook in preparation of the bidding documentation, proposal evaluation and contract negotiations, contacted to the IBRD regional office.
Февраль 1993Июнь 1996
3 года 4 месяца
Sales Manager Assistant
Maintained relationships with the existing client base and developed new clients, contributed in budget planning and analyzing different commercial proposals in terms of their financial expediency, calculated and allocated funs necessary for operations, performed overall results monitoring.
Август 1992Февраль 1993
6 месяцев
Prepared letters, reports, processed and circulated working papers, administered the filing system, carried out other regular clerical duties, and assisted Chief Accountant to keep record of office expenses, performed as interpreter if necessary.

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