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Стаж: 30 лет 11 месяцев

Ноябрь 2006настоящее время
17 лет 3 месяца
project engineer / manager
Advanced Composite 5-seater: preliminary design, structural design and analysis.

Adam A500 composite flap structural analysis: FE- modeling, linear and non-linear static analysis, optimization.

Engine Powered Glider: re-design, development and certification.

Lancair Legacy ( building of an aircraft from the kit.

Epic Aircraft ( 3D surface model of the winglet.

Июль 2002Октябрь 2006
4 года 3 месяца
Director of eningeering division Enginering-Ukraine Ltd.
Flight Design MC-01, an aircraft with metal structure and a foldable semi-cantilever wing.
Project responsibilities: preliminary design; loads definition per CS-VLA requirements; structural design and FE analysis; prototype building.

Flight Design CT modifications CT2K, CTSW, CTSW2006. 
Project responsibilities:
	structural analysis, drawings and drawing changes approval throughout product life cycle;
	certification  per as follows:
-	US Light Sport Aircraft (LSA, F2245, F2279, F2295 ASTM Specifications);
-	German LTF-UL;
-	Canadian Design Standards for Advanced Ultra Light Aeroplanes;
-	Swiss certification per LTF-UL including compliance of manufacturing and manufacturing quality systems;
	typical certification responsibilities included: communication to the authorities; setting up certification plan; checking and pre-approval of load calculation reports; load tests supervision; flight test program development; Maintenance Manual, Pilot Operating Handbook, QA Manual review and development; checking and pre-approval of compliance documentation.
	support of marketing and sales for feasibility studies;
	non-conformance reports resolution and approval;
	support of customer service regarding specific repairs and installations.

Other projects:
	Setting up preconditions for certification as Design Organization per EASA Part 21 by means of development and implementation of appropriate procedures including:
-	Change Review Board concept development and implementation;
-	Engineering Procedures Manual development and implementation;
	Quality Management System per ISO9001 and AS/EN9100 standards development and implementation.
Октябрь 2001Июль 2002
9 месяцев
Design Engineer
Familiarization with certified aircraft production.
Columbia 350 (FAR Part 23 certified aircraft) projects: air conditioning system installation; horizontal stabilizer installation; toe-in and camber issue investigation; door surfacing; main landing gear attachment modification.
Февраль 1993Октябрь 2001
8 лет 8 месяцев
Director of engineering and manufacturing division OWC
CF-45 five seater, preliminary design.
Project  responsibilities included: statistics evaluation; arrangement for 5 people and new Rotax 936 engine; airplane lofting including 3-D surface model.

Rigid Wing (hang-glider) full-cycle development up to serial manufacturing (40 pieces a month).
Project responsibilities: loads and stress calculation based on a given concept and sketches; load tests and certification documentation; tooling development; setting up and running serial manufacturing with about 70 people.

Flight Design CT
	power plant design for Rotax 912 and Hirth F30 engines;
	engine mount stress analysis;
	engine compartment lofting;
	power plant prototyping;
	tooling development;
	flap and ailerons hinges design and stress analysis;
	aircraft prototype building.

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