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  • Информационные технологии, Интернет, Мультимедиа
  • Искусство, Развлечения, Масс-медиа
  • Полная занятость

Стаж: 26 лет 8 месяцев

Март 2000настоящее время
23 года 11 месяцев
Technical Director
	Organize and planning of the technical politics of the company, decision-making
	Responsible for budgeting and estimates
	Responsible of licensing and permitting documents(National Council of Radio and TV of Ukraine, Ukrainian Committee of Radio Frequencies, State Frequency Inspection)
	Organized and control operability assurance for equipment and systems
	Responsible for signal quality control
	Organized and planning of office's power supply
	Study and introduction of the modern achievement of  broadcasting industry
	Organized deployment of access systems, time and attendance monitoring
Февраль 1999Апрель 2000
1 год 2 месяца
1+1 Distribution advertising agency
Account Executive
	Served as a liaison between the Client and the Agency 
	Reviewed recommendations and Agency’s proposals before presenting to the Client 
	Supervised that all assignments are completed on time
Июнь 1997Март 1999
1 год 9 месяцев
Clinical Plastic products
Service engineer
	Organized medical equipment service supporting
	Analyzed competitors products and activities

Образование: Среднее образование


Среднее образование

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