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Стаж: 5 лет 4 месяца

Декабрь 2000Сентябрь 2005
4 года 9 месяцев
Extremum Mobile
Owner, director
 Required business contacts established
 A mobile communications shop opened and promoted
 Mobile phones repair service center opened and managed
 A number of loyal customers attracted
 Mobile phones service and programming experience obtained
Декабрь 2002Декабрь 2003
1 год
"Mobilny" magazine
Technical writer (part-time)
Technical and customer oriented mobile phones reviews written.
Август 1998Май 2000
1 год 9 месяцев
Elecom Co Ltd
Sales Manager
 PCs for office purchased, a new sales system was implemented, reducing order processing time up to 70%
 Advertising campaigns via Internet were organized, increasing sales by 10%
 Business contacts with over 15 foreign partners have been established
 Range of goods and services provided is widened
 Taken part in 3 specialized exhibitions
Май 1999Сентябрь 1999
4 месяца
YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly
Night Office Clerk
 Organization management system improved
 Critical situations solved several times
 Customer service improved
Май 1997Сентябрь 1998
1 год 4 месяца
YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly
Collegiate Staff
 Work techniques in different departments were improved
 Staff coordination improved

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Среднее образование

Среднее образование

Среднее образование

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