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Стаж: 11 лет 9 месяцев

Сентябрь 2001Апрель 2003
1 год 7 месяцев
Employer Weidmann Systems International AG
Account Manager/Technical Specialist.
Kyiv, Ukraine.  For Transformers (Sales and Technical Support).  takeover of the new major customer for electrical papers  development of electrical grade papers specifications according to IEC  participation in local factory transition to the new owner supervision of laboratory equipment upgrade  transformer accessories  market study creation of an archive of standards and regulations
Март 1998Февраль 1999
11 месяцев
Power Generation Company "Dnistrohydroenergo".
Deputy Head of Equipment Department.
Position: Deputy Head of Equipment Department Subject: Hydropower and Hydro-Pumping Storage Plants: Equipment Erection Supervision
Март 1997Апрель 1998
1 год 1 месяц
Under World Bank Standards. Subject: Hydro Pumping Storage Plant: Bids.
Head of the Bidding Supervision Team.
Novodnistrovsk, Ukraine.  completion of Prequalification and Bidding documents/specifications for 900 MUSD project
Июнь 1995Апрель 1997
1 год 10 месяцев
Voltage Test and Measurement Department. Subject: Hydropower Plants: Electrical Tests of Power Equipment.
Head of High.
Novodnistrovsk, Ukraine.  successful commissioning of electrical hydro-power plant 3x15MW successful commissioning of 330/110 kV substation expansion (330/110 kV autotransformer with assosiated circuit breakers, voltage/current  transformers and surge arresters) development of  department documentation for licensing overvoltage case study
Июль 1992Июнь 1995
2 года 11 месяцев
NORT Ltd. Subject: R&D in Plasma Vacuum Technologies;.
Head of Production department. Engineer;.
Kyiv, Ukraine.  Coatings Production   TiN- ion plating process development (electron-gun evaporation, arc/HF excitation) for the metal surface coating (2 types)  TiN- ion plating process development (electron-gun evaporation, arc/HF excitation) for the ceramic surface coating development  of surface cleaning technology and equipment  heating-cooling tests in vacuum (-150Е +150 C)  thin-film image technologies
Март 1989Февраль 1995
5 лет 11 месяцев
Recording Institute (TThttp://www.ipri.kiev.ua/). Scientist Subject: R&D in Vacuum Thin Film Deposition.
Kyiv, Ukraine.  face-to-face magnetrons for magnetic material sputtering ExH sputtering for the cylinder inner surface powder-batching evaporations
Декабрь 1988Январь 1995
6 лет 1 месяц
In vacuum technologies.

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